About Us

By using technology ranging from modified gamepads to eye-control, we’re finding a way for people to play to the very best of their abilities. But we’re not just doing it for fun. By levelling the playing field, we’re bringing families and friends together and having a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation.

We’re SpecialEffect, the gamers’ charity, and we put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.

Find out more about how our teams are transforming lives on a daily basis at http://www.specialeffect.org.uk and how you can help.


Meet Ryan, a big FIFA fan, who hasn’t been able to play for about six years because of his muscular dystrophy. Our team managed to get him back on the pitch with a custom controller setup!

He’s now playing the game he loves via its two-button mode, using a low-force Xbox One controller stick mounted by his right hand for player movement, along with Change Player and the menu button. He’s also got three small switches positioned in and around his left hand for sprinting, passing and shooting.

“A massive thank you to your therapists Joe and Gillian for helping Ryan get back in the game,” wrote his mother on Facebook. “Without people like them, people with disabilities would lose out on enjoying the things they love.”

We can help change the lives of more people with disabilities. But we need your support. Find out how you can help.