Sackboy: A Big Adventure | Motor Accessibility

Sackboy: A Big Adventure [PEGI 7] is a 3D adventure platforming game available on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles.

This post will look at the controls needed to play Sackboy: A Big Adventure and the in-game options related to the motor accessibility of the game. You can use the links below to jump down to a particular section:

Controls – We look at the default inputs required and which actions they control.

Customise Controls – A look at how some controls can be remapped.

Controller Settings – We go through the settings that can customise how the controller is used, such as deadzone, inversion and vibration options.

Game Assists – We look through the assists the game offers, such as some auto-hold options, an infinite lives option and inputs options to control platform tilts.


Screenshot showing default controls for Sackboy
Default controls for Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Left Stick – Move Character

L1 – Discard Item

L2 – Acting

R2 – Grab/Use Clawstring

R1 – Use Item

Cross – Jump/(In Air) Flutter

Circle – Roll

Square – Slap

Triangle – Nosedive

Right Stick – Move Arms (within acting)

R3 – Flare

D-pad (all directions) – Emote and Facial Expressions

Customise Controls:

Sackboy: A Big Adventure allows you to remap all the gameplay buttons, but you cannot remap buttons onto stick directions, the options, share, or touchpad or vice versa.

To remap the controls, go into the Settings menu and select Customise Controls. You then press Cross on the button you want to change, and Cross again on the button you want to remap to.

Screenshot showing that the functions of cross and D-Pad down have been swapped.
Customise Controls menu.

Controller Settings:

Screenshot showing the controller settings menu.
The Controller Settings menu.

The Controller Settings menu has a few features that some players might find helpful.

Vibration: The vibration strength of the controller can be adjusted. By default, the vibration is set to maximum.

Swap Left and Right Sticks: This swaps the function of the Left and Right sticks on the controller. By default, the Left Stick is the primary stick which controls character movement. This option only swaps the stick for gameplay. The Left Stick or D-pad is still required for menus.

Invert X and Y Axis: This option inverts stick axis for the Left Stick or the Right Stick if you have selected the Swap Left and Right Stick option. This option only works in gameplay, the axes are default in the game menus.

Inner Deadzone: This alters the size of the inner deadzone, which is the area in the centre of the stick where the stick will not register anything. Making the inner deadzone smaller means that the stick will register the movement sooner with less movement required. People with small movements might benefit from a smaller inner deadzone. People with tremors or involuntary movement might benefit from a larger inner deadzone as the joystick will be less likely to register accidental movement.

Outer Deadzone: This alters the size of the outer deadzone, which is the area at the very edges of the joystick where nothing is registered. A larger outer deadzone means that the player will not have to move the stick as far for the character to be at full movement.

Game Assists:

Screenshot showing the Game Assists menu.
The Game Assists menu.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure requires accurate timing of button presses, sometimes in close succession. You also need to be able to access the buttons at the same time as the stick. The Game Assists menu has some options to help make some game play controls easier.

Roll: This option allows you to select whether ROLL is selected by tapping the Circle button or holding the Circle button.

Grab: This option allows you to select whether GRAB is activated by holding R2 or whether R2 is toggled. Having the TOGGLE option selected means you do not have to constantly hold R2 while grabbing an object. The GRAB is activated by tapping R2 and then released by tapping R2 again.

Hold to Flutter: By default, to flutter you need to press Cross to jump, then Cross again to flutter. By selecting Hold to Flutter, flutter will be activated if Cross is held down.

Infinite Lives: Selecting infinite lives means that Sackboy will constantly regenerate. With this option selected you will never have to restart the level and you will regenerate at the last checkpoint selected. Sackboy will still get injured by enemies and can still fall down gaps. Infinite lives cannot be turned on if you are in a level. You need to be in the world map to turn on this option.

Tilt Platforms: Some game levels require platforms to be moved manually. This menu allows you to choose whether this is performed by tilting the whole controller (TILT) or by using the right joystick.

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