Super Mario Odyssey | Controls

An image of the Super Mario Odyssey menu screen. It shows the option for 2 player as well as the action guide and option menu.
Super Mario Odyssey menu screen

Super Mario Odyssey [PEGI 7] is a Nindendo Switch exclusive 3D platformer game with several control options including ‘Assist Mode’. Assist Mode is similar to ‘Mellow Mode’ in Yoshi’s Crafted World.

In this post we will look at this mode and also the controls used to play.

Standard Mode

In Standard Mode you must explore the kingdom to find the hidden and not-so-hidden moon pieces. If you fall from a height, you lose coins and a life and Mario will restart from your last checkpoint.

Assist Mode

You can switch at any time between Standard Mode and Assist Mode by pressing +, then Options, and Choose Mode.

Assist Mode gives you guidance by way of arrows. You start with double the health of Standard Mode (six health points instead of the standard three).

If you fall from a great height with Assist Mode on, you’ll be brought back in a bubble to where you fell off having lost only one health point. Don’t worry though, as you regenerate health when you stand still in this mode.

When swimming, there’s no air meter.

You’re given longer to complete time trials (with completion times varying according to trial).

The Action Guide

Super Mario Odyssey has a list of the controls scheme and special controls which can all be found in the Action guide. To access the Action Guide, simple press + when already playing a level to bring up the pause menu, and scroll down to select Action Guide. The guide shows you which buttons to press as well as has an image depicting the action on screen.

The Action Guide is a great reference to help a player remember what combination of buttons will do which action (even how to control a T-Rex!). However, this screenshot shows the basic control scheme for one player gaming. Some controls such as throwing Cappy can be used with motion controls or a button press, however motion controls can be turned off in the options setting.

Image of the button layout for single player mode. It shows which button presses or motions will act as what input.
One player button layout

Co-op Play

You can also opt for co-op play in two-player mode at any point by selecting Two-Player in the main menu. The Joy-Cons can be rotated and used sideways as player one and player two. Players can decide who will play as Mario and who will play as Cappy.

Two-player mode can be played in both Standard Mode and Assist Mode. The following screenshot shows the basic controls scheme of co-op two-player mode. 

Image of the button layout for 2 player mode. It shows which button presses or motions will act as what input.
Two player Co-op button layout

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