Using an Alternative Controller on PS5

An image of a PS5 controller and an Xbox adaptive controller connected to a PS5 via a Titan Two

We often find that alternative controllers can help benefit individuals we support, such as using an Xbox Adaptive Controller on a PlayStation 5. This post will go through the process of setting up a Titan Two adapter for use with a PS5 so that you can use a wider range of controllers when playing PS5 games.

Step 1: Setting up the PS5 console

First, change the controller communication method. From the PS5 main menu, go into Settings > Accessories > Controller > Communication Method and change from “Use Bluetooth” to “Use USB Cable”.

A screenshot showing the communication method set to Use USB Cable
A screenshot showing the communication method set to Use USB Cable

Step 2: Update the Titan Two and Gtuner IV software

To set up a Titan Two to be used with a PS5, you will need to download Gtuner IV and make sure the latest update is installed. This post explains in detail how to do this:


A screenshot showing how to open Gtuner IV
A screenshot showing how to open Gtuner IV

With Gtuner IV and the Titan Two fully updated, click Device Configuration on the bottom right, click on Output Protocol and change it to USB PlayStation 5. Your Titan Two can now be used with the PS5.

If you would like to play PS4 games on a PS5 console via backwards compatibility, plug in your Titan Two as normal, the same way you would with a PS4 console, without changing the output protocol settings.

A screenshot showing the PS5 option in output protocol
A screenshot selecting the PS5 option on the Output Protocol section

Install, update and GTuner IV PS5 settings (long):


Step 3: Plug in your controllers

Swap the small Micro USB from Prog to Output. Plug in your controllers into Input-A or B on the Titan Two. Now plug the Titan Two into the PS5. You will now be able to use your controllers with PS5 games.


Please Note:

The current Titan Two software will be able to connect any controller such as an Xbox Adaptive Controller. As the PS5 controller does not act as an authenticating controller for the Titan Two, the controllers plugged into the Titan Two will disconnect for approximately one second and connect again. This will occur every 7 ½ minutes. The disruption this can cause will vary for each game. Some examples of controllers that do authenticate and will not disconnect include third-party PS4 controllers such as HORI, Nacon and ASTRO. For the full list of controllers, please check the Titan Two website: 

When the Titan Two is set to USB PlayStation 5 in the Output Protocol, using the Titan Two on other consoles (such as PS4 and Nintendo Switch) will also cause controllers to disconnect every 7 ½ minutes for approximately one second before reconnecting again, unless you are using a third-party PlayStation 4 controller. To prevent this, you will need to plug the Titan Two into Gtuner IV, navigate to Output Protocol and change back to USB Automatic found at the top of the list.


If you have any questions, please visit the contact us page.

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