Azeron Gaming Keypad

The Azeron Classic Righty device, with text illustration of theh devices features.
Classic ‘Righty’

The Keypad

The Azeron is a PC keypad and joystick device that features programmable buttons, a 360° analog joystick and two on-board profile slots. The keypad is set up and programmed using Azeron’s software, which also allows for additional profile storage. It is designed to be used alongside a mouse as a keyboard replacement, but due to the inclusion of a thumbstick, the Azeron could be used as a standalone controller for single hand play.

Please note the software is Windows only at the time of writing (August 2020). Linux and Mac are not supported.

A picture of Azeron software, showing the user interface. The profiles are displayed down the left hand side, with the mapping of keys centre screen.
Azeron Software layout for a Classic

Classic or Compact

The Azeron is available in two formats: Compact and Classic.

The Compact keypad has 26 programmable buttons, and the Classic keypad has 24, divided between the keypad towers and the thumb module. The Compact has 17 programmable buttons on the towers and the Classic has 19. The thumb module holds 7 programmable thumb buttons consisting of: a five-way programmable switch, a thumbstick button and a separate thumb button on its outermost edge.

A picture of the Azeron Compact Lefty device.
Compact ‘Lefty’

The key towers and thumb module are adjustable to optimise the fit and ergonomics of the keypad to your hand. Adjustments are done on the base of the device, and the towers’ height, spread and angle can be varied to suit your requirements. The tower and module screws are loosened using the hex screwdriver provided, then re-tightened once you have made the adjustments. Also located on the base of the device is the Reset button. The keypad base is fitted with anti-slip pads for added stability.

The base of an Azeron device showing the screw locations for adjusting the key tower angle and distances. Also shown are the anti-slip pads and the reset button.
The base of an Azeron


The buttons can be assigned to the following modes:

  • Keyboard – a single keyboard key or button combinations such as Shift + Alt + Space to act as one key press.
  • Xinput – a button acting as an Xbox controller button e.g. D-pad, Bumper buttons, Shape buttons [X, Y, A, B].
  • Xtrigger – a button acting as Left or Right Trigger.
  • Mouse buttons – Clicks; Back and Forward on the mouse wheel.
  • Macro – assign several keyboard keys, mouse buttons and timing delays in a sequence.
  • Toggle analog stick mode – a button to switch between Left and Right joystick mode.
  • Joystick button mode – acting as a game controller joystick with the button acting as a joystick button.
  • Joystick D-pad mode – the joystick functions as the D-pad for Up, Down, Left and Right. Diagonal directions can be set up to include for example, Right Up and Left Down.
  • No action – the button will have no function assigned.
Azeron software button editing screen showing the assignment options for a button: keyboard press, XInput button, XInput trigger, mouse, joystick button, joystick d-pad, toggle R/L joystick, toggle R/L joystick while held down and no action.
Button Editing Screen

To edit a button assignment, click on the intended button and choose from one of the ‘Mode’ tabs. From there you select the function you want to bind to that button.

On the ‘About’ tab of the software, the ‘Button Throttle’ adjustable slider enables you to set a value in milliseconds (ms) for the time that must pass between another button press on the same button. This can be helpful for reducing accidental button presses.


The keypad features a 360° analog thumbstick. The software enables several modes so that the joystick can function as:

  • Game controller mode [left and right joystick].
  • Keyboard keys for example, WSAD. A second assignment option could be QWES for example, with your Toggle Analog Stick button to switch between the two.
  • A combination of joystick input and keyboard button.
Azeron software showing the analog stick keyboard mode interface for setting bindings. Also shown is the result of completing the calibration for detecting custom deadzones.
Azeron Software Analog Stick settings in Keyboard Mode with custom Deadzone and Sensitivity settings


Included in the software is a calibration tool for the joystick where deadzones can be set – based on your movements – to determine how responsive the thumbstick is, within your lower and upper values. The lower deadzone refers to the area in the centre of the joystick that won’t be recognised if the joystick is moved within that area. The upper deadzone is the outer limit where joystick movements won’t be registered if they exceed this value.

Alternatively, deadzones can be set for lower and upper values manually within the About page of the software. The Azeron manual contains further details on how to set up the thumbstick for your requirements.

Joystick sensitivity can also be adjusted in the thumbstick calibration tab to suit your requirements.

Azeron software home page where settings for LED brightness, button throttle adjuster slider for repeat button press threshold, profile management buttons, reset harware to defaults, calibration analog joystick hardware button and joystick reset button.
Azeron Software ‘About’ Tab with the Calibration button located near the bottom of the screen


The keypad has two on-board memory profile slots, which can be activated by pressing the Switch button on the side of the device. Within the software, Azeron report infinite profile storage capabilities. The stored profiles can be loaded onto the keypad when the device is connected via USB.

Within the software you have the ability to create, store and set profiles to Favourite. Using the on-board memory profiles means that the Azeron software does not have to be running whilst you game. Whilst you can store unused profiles to one of the two on-board memory slots, you will need to have the Azeron software running in the background.

Azeron software profile display example with star icons to show favourite profiles.
Azeron profile display

Lefty or Righty

The Azeron is available for both the left and right hand.

***Please note, the “Lefty” is used in the right hand and the “Righty” in the left hand. The Azeron can be used in conjunction with a mouse, so Lefty refers to someone who uses a mouse in their left hand and the Azeron with their right hand. This same principle applies to the “Righty” where the user operates a mouse in their right hand and the Azeron with their left.

Palm Rest Options and Sizing

There are two palm rest options to choose from: a flat or curved palm rest. If you’re not sure of your preference, both can be purchased when ordering your Azeron.

The keypad is available in two sizes: medium and large. Medium is recommended for hand sizes between 16-20cm and large for 20+cm. This is measuring from the base of your palm to the top of your fingers. Azeron report that hands outside of the stated measurements can still use the Azeron, but that comfort might vary. A palm measuring guide to assist with sizing is available on their website on their Support page.

Downloads and Guides

The Azeron software is downloaded from their website’s Downloads page, including the manual, which contains a step-by-step guide for downloading, installation, set-up and programming.

*We highly recommend reading the manual as it contains important information regarding the setup and use of the Azeron.

The Azeron website has a Downloads page containing the Manual, Quick Guide, Azeron Software and Firmware downloads, including patch update notes as and when they’re released. Available at:

The ‘Support’ page includes Frequently Asked Questions, Support Guides and Contact page. Sample keypad bindings are also located here. Available at:

For more information on the Azeron keypad including guides and manuals, video tutorials, sizing information, software downloads and updates visit: