Dangerous Driving | Controls

A sedan car boosting on a tarmac road in a road rage event

Dangerous Driving is classed as a spiritual successor to the Burnout series, which was first released in 2001 on the PlayStation 2. Dangerous Driving is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. In this post, we will give a brief overview of the gameplay and then go through the controls used.

What makes Dangerous Driving different from other driving or racing games is that you’re encouraged to drive into your opponents and force them to crash, resulting in a “takedown”. The gameplay focuses on using a boost action tactically. This is needed to win the races. You earn boost by driving into oncoming traffic (avoiding cars), near-missing traffic, gaining air, drifting, and taking down opponents.

Whilst driving, your opponents will have a coloured marker above their vehicle to make them stand out from ordinary traffic. The colour depends on what kind of event you’re in, e.g. blue markers for ‘road rage’ or red for a ‘standard race’. Any oncoming traffic will flash their headlights to indicate avoiding them.

There are various classes of vehicles which are unlocked as you progress through the game, allowing you to drive faster cars such as Supercars and Formula One cars.

Race Modes

A standard takedown race in the SUV class with the car shunting into an opponent

There are several race modes throughout the game which are unlocked from getting at least bronze (third place) in an event. These are:

Standard Race: Race against six opponents. Take them down to earn boost and reach the finish line first.

Road Rage: Reach a certain number of takedowns within the time limit or until your car has crashed too many times.

Shakedown: Race around a single lap in the quickest time.

Heatwave: Race against six opponents where you can continuously boost as long as you hold down the boost button and do not crash.

Face-off: Race and win against a single car to unlock it as a playable vehicle.

Pursuit: Control a police vehicle, to chase and takedown a target car or cars before they reach the end of the track or you crash too many times.

Survival: Drive as far as you can without crashing.

GP: Three races done consecutively. After each race, points are distributed based on what position each car came in. Whoever has the most points after the three races is the winner.

Eliminator: a race consisting of five laps. The car in last place after each lap is eliminated from the race completely, so only one car is left standing after the five laps.


Controls for Dangerous Driving. (N.B. Pressing L3 twice toggles siren, rather than R3)

Default controls:

Left stick: steer car

R2 (PlayStation 4) / RT (Xbox One): accelerate (hold)

L2/RT: brake (longer you hold, harder you brake)

Cross/A: boost (hold), select (press)

R1/RB: danger time (hold) [when you crash your car, this slows down time and allows you to steer the wreckage into other cars to get an aftertouch takedown].

In the controls menu, you can have danger mode mapped to R1/RB or Cross/A. Mapping it to Cross/A reduces the number of inputs in-game as R1/RB would no longer be needed.

Right stick (up and down): change viewing angle

Triangle/Y: change camera view

Circle/B: back

L3/LS: turn sirens on/off (press once), toggle siren (press twice) [police car only]

Square/X: look behind (hold)

D-pad left and right: change music track (requires a Spotify premium account to play music)

D-pad down: pause music (requires a Spotify premium account to play music)

For more information on the game, visit https://www.threefieldsentertainment.com/our-games/dangerous-driving/.

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