‘Easy To Play Games’ Website

Dart board with huge red circular target reticule over the number 5.

Easy To Play Games is a new website hosting a range of simple control games for PC. Most are intended to be playable with one or two buttons alone. New games are being added on a regular basis at the time of writing.

Some highlights include:

Darts: This has three difficulty levels where aiming becomes progressively more difficult. It also has a free play mode, where you can practice or play your own Darts games. This might be closest to the bullseye, round-the-clock, cricket, or my favourite (and very mean) game of Killer Darts.

Dino Safari: Stop the dinosaurs running off the screen to attack the villagers. Very much like many modern ticket-redemption target-shooting arcade games, but with one-button control. A bit of blood in this one, so not one for very young children. This is especially the case for the somewhat grisly “Manic Santa” game, so parental guidance is advised for these two.

Racing Game: A top-down one-button racing game with big tracks to get around. Good fun.

Blitz Game: A classic (1979!) game made one-button accessible with a range of difficulty levels. Your plane is losing altitude fast over a cityscape (which I like to imagine is deserted). Drop bombs to clear a runway to land on.

Submarine Game: A tricky underwater maze game.

Hockey: 1 or 2 player Pong.

Mega Worm Hole: A Jetpack Joyride-influenced game with many levels to get through.

All sorts of games have been pouring out lately. These include a Quiz game; Hangman; Rock, Paper, Scissors; Shooters and more. The author Ben seems very receptive to ideas for improvements, too.

The games are free to download and play,  but those who subscribe via a Patreon subscription, are given early access perks. This includes a line to the author to make suggestions for updates and new games.

Find these games and more at: https://www.easytoplaygames.com/

Hockey game. Overhead view of a grassy pitch. White brick walls. Wooden goal posts either side. Two bats and a black puck with skull.