Gamepad to emulate Mouse (HID USB) + Touch

Image of a white PS4 controller with arrow pointing to a white mouse pointing to a white iPad with someone touching the screen with a single finger.

The top video shows a trick that enables a PS4 wireless controller to switch freely between acting as a mouse (HID) device or a Gamepad. No software required.

This is useful for games and activities that require a mix of mouse, keys and gamepad control, for those who can’t just lift their hands up freely between different types of device. Ideally all devices would allow you to simply use your controller of choice for everything. That day is not yet here, so this Titan Two method is one solution. For the tech-savvy, the work in progress script is being formed for public use at the ConsoleTuner forums.

We were asked if it was possible to do this with the new iOS13 Beta, that has a much needed Mouse to Touch utility added. Update: This does seem to be possible, at least for gamepad to mouse to touch use, from our investigations (see video above). This may open up a lot more games for some people. Presently wired gamepad control does not seem to be possible. We’ll keep chipping away at this.