Girls Like Robots! | Controls

Girls Like Robots is a top down point and click puzzle game, requiring only a mouse and left click. These controls could make it suitable for eye gaze users able to control mouse cursor movement and a click with their system if able to select the size of target shown in the gameplay in the video above.

Do you miss the stress of trying to ensure that every guest at a dinner party is sat next to someone they like? The Girls Like Robots is the game for you!

What is it? 

Girls Like Robots is a puzzle game that requires you to place various students in a seating pattern. Sounds easy? Well, the catch is that each type of person only likes to sit next to other people, the girls like to sit next to the robots, but hate sitting next to the nerds. The nerds like to sit near the edges and double points for placing one in a corner. 

As you progress through the game you unlock different characters/puzzle pieces, some that move, some that don’t, and some that love everyone! You get points based on how optimally you have arranged everyone with 3 stars being the max. 

Eye Gaze and features

The game only needs mouse movement and regular left click to be played. All buttons, including the moving of puzzle pieces are done with a single left click. The “dragging” of the characters is done with a single left click and then the character is automatically stuck to your cursor until you click again to place it. Most of the icons are fairly large targets, the options and undo button may be a little small for less precise eye gaze users. 

The game can be played with a variety of mouse controllers, keyboard and compatible controllers.

Thank you and happy gaming!

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