GNOG Mouse Accessibility Support

Screenshot of GNOG Level showing a  colourful mechanical face with knobs, dials and buttons on it. On one of the buttons is a cursor icon with a bubble around it showing the position of the eye tracking.

Over the last year we have worked with KO_OP to add an accessibility mode to their game, GNOG. This mode allows players using using mice and assistive point and click devices, such as eye gaze control, to interact more easily with the game. We’re extremely grateful to the work KO_OP has done on GNOG to make it more accessible. Visit to read their announcement.

GNOG uses presses, pulls, slides, grabs, clicks and rotates to interact


GNOG is a tactile puzzle game that requires you to point, click, grab, poke, spin, and pull various contraptions within the game. For example, you might grab a bookcase and spin it to reveal a hidden pile of coins, or crank a wheel to cook a stew on the stove.

While many of these interactions can be performed by just pointing at an object and left clicking, some require you to click and hold to move the object around, and then let go of it by releasing the click. By launching the game in the accessibility mode you can change the interaction model so that you click once to grab an object, then click again to let it go.

At certain points in the game you will need to rotate the monsters. Previously you would have to use the right mouse click, but with the accessibility mode enabled you can move your cursor to the bottom of the window and an interface will appear allowing you to left click to rotate the monsters left and right.

To bring up the main menu or to exit a level would usually mean pressing the escape key. KO_OP have added an on screen menu button in the new mode that means the escape key is no longer needed.

Screenshot of a level in GNOG with a mechanical face. The cursor is positioned over an icon in the top left corner along with a bubble showing that the players gaze is over the onscreen menu icon ahead of selecting it.
Onscreen Menu button in GNOG

Using Eye Gaze

The video below shows examples of some of these gameplay interactions. In this instance we are using eye gaze to control the mouse cursor. Due to the tactile nature of the gameplay, sometimes you will need to play around with objects you are interacting with, such as by looking away from them, to manipulate them into place.

How to enable the mouse accessibility settings?

From KO_OP’s blog post: We’ve done our best to ensure that players can launch directly into this mode from their platform of choice once the update is installed. On EGS, GOG, and Steam, you should see a new launch option titled “Play GNOG with mouse accessibility support” which will launch the new mode directly. If you’re running the executable from the command line, apply the argument —-eyegaze and you should be good to go (e.g., GNOG.exe --eyegaze).

Epic Game Store

Launching GNOG in the new mode on EGS


Launching GNOG in the new mode on Steam

You can download GNOG from EGS, Steam, GOG, or, and the game is free from August 8th to the 15th on Epic Game Store. See KO_OP’s blog post for the official announcement

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