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Hi everyone. In this video we’re going to take a look at the Intermediate keyboard
in EyeMine. We’ll be doing some building and I’ll show you how to use eye gaze to
choose items yourself from your inventory. If you haven’t already seen
our introductory building video you might want to watch that first as it
goes into more detail about basic building techniques most of the building
keys are on the second page of the Intermediate keyboard. As we showed you
in our previous video, we can select items from our hot bar using the arrows
or by finding a block in the world and selecting pick block.
We can place blocks by looking where we want to place and selecting news item
and the easiest way to walk around as we build is to turn on careful walk.
If we want to build on top of some blocks we walk up and turn on sneak
which prevents us from accidentally falling off.
To remove blocks use the mine once key.
Now let’s take a look at a couple of extra things that weren’t available on
the introductory keyboards. First we can use auto piller to build upwards. This
will use the item in your hand but instead of placing the block in front of
you, you will jump and place the block underneath you. This is perfect for
building a tower.
We can also use an item continuously so let’s place a couple of ladder pieces.
Turn on new item and continue building the ladder up our tower.
The one key I’ve skipped on this page is swap mine and place. This is just for
switch users and lets you toggle between using your switch for mining or
for placing blocks. Now let’s do some flying. In the introductory keyboard we only
had auto fly which automatically flies you over all obstacles. This is great for
exploring. If we’re building we might want to little more control over how
high we are. On the first page we turn on fly and fly up to the top of the tower
to build a platform.
Now let’s fly up onto the platform and we can build a fence.
I’d like to build an oak fence here, but I don’t have the right kind in my hotbar.
Let’s use the inventory to get some. Let’s open the inventory. We have
different tabs here with different types of material. The easiest way to explore
is using the next tab and previous tab keys.
Some pages have lots of items so you may need to scroll down.
Once you’ve found what you require you’ll need to perform a couple of left
clicks. To move it into your hotbar click first in the approximate area and then a
second click on the zoomed in view. Now you should see that you’ve selected a
fence. Pick the hotbar slot you want to put it in and do another left click.
If you’re left with an item you don’t want you can then discard it once you’ve
got everything you want from the inventory. Click escape to close it. To
quickly select your next item you can skip straight to it using the numbers to
pick the corresponding hotbar slot. Now let’s finish everything off by building
some railings on our watchtower.
Now you should have an idea of what you can achieve using the Intermediate
keyboard. I hope this has been helpful thank you for watching if you have any
questions please get in touch by emailing

In this video, Kirsty shows how to use the Intermediate EyeMine interface to build in Minecraft.

EyeMine is an interface which enables Minecraft to be played using eye gaze.

If you have any questions, please visit the “contact us” page.

Video by Cara Jessop 

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