How to Use an Alternative Wireless Controller


At SpecialEffect we often work with people who benefit from using a particular controller, or combination of controllers, on their console. One of the devices we use to allow us to do this is the Titan Two adapter. For instance, we may work with someone to help them access their PlayStation 4 console with an Xbox One Controller or their Xbox One console with their PlayStation 4 controller. We also use the Titan Two this way to use either of these controllers on Nintendo Switch.

Equally, we may work with someone who benefits from using two or more controllers in combination, either with different parts of their body, or alongside someone else sharing the controls. The Titan Two can also enable you to do this with up to two compatible controllers wirelessly, when used with the Titan Expansion Kit. So you could have up to four controllers connected for use by one player, with two controllers connected wirelessly and the other two wired. For a comprehensive list of compatible controllers, please visit the Titan Two Compatibility Table.

In this post, we are going to demonstrate how we set this up using the latest model of the Titan Two which has an updated case. For a guide on how to do this with the previous model, please see our original post here: How to Use Multiple Controllers Using a Titan Two Adapter.

How to Set Up

The Titan Expansion Kit includes a Bluetooth Module and a Micro SD Card for storing the bluetooth files. These need to be inserted into the Titan Two device.

Step 1. Remove the casing of the Titan Two, by unscrewing the four screws accessed by the back of the device:

Step 2. Remove the board from the from the Titan Two’s case and connect the Bluetooth module to it using the board-to-board connectors. Once attached, put the connected boards into the case and screw it back together.

Photo showing the bluettoth module being connected to the board of the Titan Two.

Step 3. Insert the Micro SD Card into the slot on the Titan Two:

Step 4. To install the bluetooth files to the Titan Two Micro SD Card, visit the Titan Two website and download Gtuner IV:

Step 5. Once installed, open the Gtuner IV software and connect your Titan Two via USB to a PC using the ‘Prog’ port on the back of the Titan Two. Go to ‘Device Configuration’ (bottom right of screen) in Gtuner IV and then select ‘Configure’:

Step 6. Once configured, you can either remove the Titan Two to pair your controllers via your console or stay connected and pair them via the Gtuner IV software. To connect your controllers via the PC, select ‘Wireless Bluetooth Paring’. This will allow you to pair controllers for the next 20 seconds.

Alternatively, you can start the pairing process by connecting the Titan Two to your console via USB using the ‘Output’ port on the back of the Titan Two and holding the button to the right of the LED screen with the down arrow underneath it for approximately 2.5 seconds.

Step 7. Whichever way you start the pairing process, each type of compatible controller will require a different combination of buttons to be pressed to connect. For example, to connect a PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller, you hold the ‘PS Home’ button and the ‘Share’ button on the controller at the same time until the LEDs on the Dualshock 4 flash. You will need the Titan Two to be in pairing mode at the same time to connect.

To pair a standard Xbox One controller, hold the ‘Guide’ button and the ‘Sync’ button on top of the Xbox One controller to start pairing. Make sure the Titan Two is also in pairing mode.

Please note when pairing an Xbox One controller, no other controllers can be connected to the TITAN Two via Bluetooth. Once the Xbox One Controller is connected, you can then reconnect the other Bluetooth controller:

Photo showing the Sync button being pressed on an Xbox One controller with the Titan Two in the background.

Step 8. Once you have connected your controllers, if you haven’t connected the Titan Two to your console already, you can now connect it using a USB connection via the ‘Output’ port on the back of the Titan Two. Please note, if using a PlayStation 4 console, you will need an Official PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller (or alternative compatible licenced PS4 controller) connected (either wired or wirelessly) at all times to verify and authorise it, even if you are not going to use it to control with.

With an Xbox One console, we plug in an Xbox One controller to initally verify it for authorisation. This can then be removed if not required. The Titan Two will flash ‘AU’ on the LED screen if it requires authorisation from a controller:

Photo showing an Xbox One and PS4 controller either side of an Titan Two lit up with an 0 on the LED screen.

Once set up, you can turn on the controller once the console is powered on and the Titan Two is powered. To do this press the standard button as normal on your controller (e.g. Guide button on Xbox One, PS Home button on PS4 and Home button on Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

If the controllers are at any point paired directly with a console, they will need to be re-paired with the Titan Two.

We hope that this guide has been useful. More information can be found on the site on how the Titan Two can be used to aid access to video games using the Titan Two tag.