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The Xbox Adaptive Controller is an interface into which you can plug compatible joysticks and buttons to create bespoke accessible controllers for playing on Xbox One and Windows 10.

In this video we will be looking at the UltraStik 360 joystick which is an analogue arcade joystick by Ultimarc.

This joystick is then mounted into a suitable case either by a supplier or as a DIY project.

The two different types of UltraStik we use ourselves, and reference in this video, are sourced from OneSwitch and Quadstick.

Both work in the same way and can be used for the same actions with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

To get the UltraStik working for the left analog stick, we plug it into the USB port on the left of the Adaptive Controller marked ‘L’.

This is the OneSwitch UltraStik (housing). The OneSwitch housing has a flat base. We use Velcro to mount it.

Here we are using it to steer the car in Forza 7 left and right.

We are using Buddy Button accessibility switches also plugged into the Adaptive Controller for Gas and Brake controls.

Here we are again using the UltraStik to control the left stick.

This time to play Unravel 2. We are using the QuadStick one this time.

The QuadStik base has holes for fixed mounting.

At SpecialEffect we pad out the base to give us a flat surface for Velcro mounting.

The joystick moves the character onscreen and we are using Specs Switches and Buddy Buttons for the button controls.

To play a game which requires two joysticks, we are adding a second UltraStik into the right joystick USB port on the Adaptive Controller.

When using both ports you will need to power the XAC using the charge cable. Here we are playing Sea of Thieves.

The left UltraStik controls movement and the right UltraStik controls aiming and looking.If we work with someone who may be unable to use two joysticks, we will often use a “walk forwards” button for suitable games.

This big green button is a switch which has been programmed to act as the ‘up’ direction on the joystick.

On the XAC this is the default function for the ‘X1’ slot.

Another option we make use of for two stick games, is using a chin joystick alongside a larger hand joystick.

The UltraStik can be used for one stick and a second joystick on a standard controller can be used, for instance with the chin using Copilot settings.

This allows you to use an Adaptive Controller with one or two other controllers to play as one player in-game.

This also enables you to share controls with another player, like Jack was here, and play cooperatively.

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In this video we take a look at using the UltraStik Analogue Joystick to play video games using the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

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Video by Francis Binnie, Joe Morgan and Bill Donegan

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