How to Use Chin Movement to Play Video Games

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When we’re trying to help someone play games one of the first things that we do is try and find access to at least one of the analog sticks.
If using your hands on a controller is difficult there can be other ways to play.

For example, in this video we’re going to have a look how you can control one of the analog sticks by using chin movement.
In order to use chin control to play games you’re going to need to mount the controller.

Here we’re going to use some Dual Lock a mounting plate and a Manfrotto Variable Friction mounting arm.
Positioning of the joystick can be crucial.
You might find it easier under your chin, between your chin and your lip or you might find it easier to use your mouth or lip to move the stick.
If full head moving is difficult, it might be possible to move just your jaw or your lip to move the stick.
Let’s have a look at a few games using chin control.
Here we’re playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance using the stick for camera
control and a second stick by my hand acting as player movement.
You can always swap these around if you prefer chin control for player movement.
If using two sticks is difficult you can try a walk forwards button and this can be positioned wherever you can press it.
Here we’re playing FIFA 18 and we’re using player movement with the left
analog stick and switches by the hand for passing shoot.
For racing games you can either use the stick for steering and switches for accelerator and brake or you can map all movement to the stick.
So you’d push forward on the stick to accelerate and pull back to brake and reverse.
Thank you for watching this video and if there’s anything that we can do to help, then please do get in touch.

In this video, SpecialEffect Occupational Therapist Joe introduces how we use chin movement with some of the people we work with to control a joystick to play video games.

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