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Here at SpecialEffect we’re always looking for games with good accessibility features.
In this video we’re going to be looking at the accessibility features in Gran Turismo Sport [PEGI 3]. Gran Turismo Sport is a racing game that is available on the PlayStation 4.
It has a variety of modes. If you go into the Arcade Menu you can select a single race, a Time Trial, a Drift Trial or a Custom Race. You can do 2 Player Split Screen. You can also link your PlayStation VR.
You can play a campaign where you learn about driving and attempt various missions.
You can also play online where you take part in official races or you can just race against your friends and other online players. In this video, we’ll be looking at the accessibility features that we found useful when we were helping people play this game.

So the menu in Gran Turismo uses the left joystick and it controls the cursor on-screen which is similar to a mouse on a PC. If you find using the left joystick difficult you can also use the D-pad to scroll through the options. So, if you go into the Options menu you can see the other accessibility features. And again, you can use the left joystick to control the cursor or you can use the D-pad. You can also use the bumper buttons in this menu, the R1 and L1 to scroll across the top menus. So if you go into the controllers menu you can change the buttons for player one and also for player two. There is also a list of all the different steering wheels which are compatible with this game.
So Wireless Controller 1P is what you go into to remap the buttons on your controller.
As a default this game uses the left stick for the steering and the R2 and L2 buttons for brake and accelerator. If you click on steering controls it brings up the different options. You can use the left stick to steer left and right. You can use the D-pad or directional buttons to steer left and right. Or you can use the motion sensor to steer left and right. If you click on Pedal Controls it brings up the screen that gives you three different options for your pedal controls. So you can either use R2 for accelerate and L2 for brake. You can use X to Accelerate and Square to brake. Or, if you find using the joysticks easier than the buttons, you can use the right stick so if you push the right stick forwards you will accelerate and if you pull it backwards you will brake.
If you don’t want to use the pre-set controls you can remap the buttons to your own choosing. So for example we are going to make the X button accelerate and the Circle button, we’ll make that brake. The other option is if you don’t want to do your button remapping in the game you could do it in the PlayStation itself. So you press your PS button, go into Settings, Accessibility, Button Assignments, Enable Button Assignments and then Customize Button Assignments. And here you can remap all of your buttons. So say, for example, you wanted to make X accelerate, at the moment in the game it’s defaulted as R2. So you make X R2. If you want to make Circle Brake, make Circle L2. Confirm. And now you can see from the screen that they have switched over, so you would have to now use the triggers to go back into the game.

Once you have selected your control scheme you’re ready to race but there are still a few things that you can do to make it a little bit easier. Some circuits are much easier and have fewer bends than others. The car that you choose will also have an impact on how difficult it is to control. Also if you make sure that you select automatic transmission rather than manual you won’t have to change gears. Once you have chosen your circuit and your car the game then gives you a difficulty setting to choose. So there are a few other options that you can tweak before starting the race. When this screen comes up go to Driving Options. If you want the easiest race possible make sure that the transmission is on automatic. This means that you won’t have to change gear. Traction Control – you can set this to how you’d like it but the higher the traction control, the more grip the car will have. In the Auto Drive menu, select Brake and Steering. This means that on corners the car will help you brake and it will also help steer you around the bends. Driving Line Assist, make sure “All” is selected. Again this will just make the track a little bit easier to understand. Make sure your Braking Indicator is on so you know when the car is braking for you. Countersteering Assistance – make sure this is set to strong. And with ABS make sure it is on Default. Most of these will be selected if you choose the beginner difficulty setting. You can alter what you turn on and off to suit your own needs.

There are other ways of accessing driving games if you cannot manage some or all of a standard PlayStation controller. Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions about Gran Turismo or accessibility in gaming, please contact SpecialEffect.

At SpecialEffect we make use of Gran Turismo Sport’s settings and assists with the wide range of players we help to access it.

In this video SpecialEffect Occupational Therapist Frankie takes a look at these assists and features.

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