How to use… the Game Control Mixer XAC

The GCM XAC Titan Two is an expansion kit for the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller from We have used it to support people who can only activate a relatively small number of physical controls at once.

It has a number of features of note including:

1: Special SHIFT modes

The left and right-stick can be set to act in one of 24 different ways at any time. Basic modes include access to left-stick, right-stick, d-pad, shapes/ABXY and the shoulder-buttons. Other modes include PS4/PS5 glide-pad emulation, and a way to drive or explore a 3D world with a single stick. Sticks can be mixed in any combination. Other SHIFT features are detailed in the video above.

SHIFTING is via the XAC VIEW button, either tapping or holding and using other controls at the same time.

Xbox VIEW button. Used as SHIFT.
Change joystick modes by holding SHIFT then moving any stick North, East, South or West 1-6 times.
Game Control Mixer (GCM XAC) joystick guide

2: KMG capture (Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad)

By connecting a Windows PC to the PROG socket on the back of the Titan Two, a large range of PC compatible controls can be added. This includes speech with analogue control such as saying “walk”, “jog”, “run”, and “sprint” to get different forward speeds. A large range of mixes is possible.

3: Cross-platform and Co-Pilot

It’s possible to use a XAC with a Playstation 5, PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC (as a joystick or a mouse) and Raspberry Pi. Connection with other devices is possible too (eg the SEGA Dreamcast and Playstation), sometimes requiring extra hardware..

4: Customisation

A number of custom configurations can be requested, including shielding off controls that may causing access problems.

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