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The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a device designed by Microsoft to enable gamers with limited mobility to access games on the Xbox One and on PC. It does this by acting as an interface to use compatible joysticks and buttons to create a custom controller setup. A lot of the gamers we work with want to access other consoles as well and need a reliable way of plugging in alternative switches and joysticks. In this video we are going to look at how we use the Xbox Adaptive Controller on the PlayStation 4. So, to get the Xbox Adaptive Controller working on the PlayStation 4 we use this adapter called a Titan Two made by ConsoleTuner. This device can do loads of different things. In this video, however, we’re just going to look at it to get the Xbox Adaptive Controller working on the PlayStation 4. So, the first thing you need to do is make sure your PlayStation 4 console is set up so that controllers are used via USB cable, not via Bluetooth. So, to do this you need to go into “Settings”, select “Devices” and go into “Controllers”. Make sure “Communication Method” is set to “Use USB Cable”. If it is set to “Use Bluetooth”, change it to “Use USB Cable”. The Titan Two device comes with its own micro USB. You need to plug this into the Output socket on the Titan Two. The Xbox Adaptive Controller comes with a USB C wire. You need to plug this into the Xbox Adaptive Controller and then into Input-A on the Titan Two device. The PlayStation 4 console verifies every 10 minutes that there was an official PS4 controller plugged in. You need to make sure you have an official PlayStation 4 controller plugged into the Titan 2 at all times, otherwise the setup won’t work. Once everything is plugged into the Titan Two, plug in the other end of the output cable into the PS4 console. The Titan Two device should have three green lights and display a zero on its screen. If a Titan Two is flashing AU on its screen it means it is not authenticating the official PlayStation 4 controller. This means that there might be a problem with the micro USB lead you are using to plug the PlayStation 4 controller in. You need to make sure you always use a very high-quality USB lead for this. When you are using this setup, you need to make sure that you always turn your PlayStation 4 on at the console. Don’t use the controller to turn on the console otherwise the controller might connect wirelessly, and the setup won’t work. Once you’ve got this all up and running you can use a variety of different compatible joysticks and buttons in your Xbox Adaptive Controller. The PlayStation 4 controller you’re using to verify the setup is still fully functional and you can use this alongside the Xbox Adaptive Controller. You can still use the PS4 button remapping if you want to remap your buttons or joysticks on your PS4 controller. Please contact SpecialEffect if you have any questions about this video.

In this video, SpecialEffect OT Frankie shows how we utilise the Titan Two to be able to use the Xbox Adaptive Controller on PS4, which we often need to do when someone wants to play on multiple consoles using their controller.

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