Jumbo Pointers in latest Windows 10

Show Transcript

“This quick video shows a new feature in the latest update of Windows 10… in August 2019. If you go to the search bar and type ‘pointer’, you should get an option to change the mouse pointer size…. just click on that… and the first option is Cursor and Pointer size and colour… and you can make the pointer ginormous, which can be really useful just to aid comprehension and tracking for all sorts of people. You can also change the colour to make the pointer stand out more, or just suit what you like. It’s a really nice new basic feature.”

The latest (meaty) Windows 10 update contains a very nice “Change mouse pointer size” option in the system settings. It can go from small to massive.

This sort of thing can aid anyone dealing with a lot of controls at once, struggling to track the pointer. This might be someone using eye-tracking, head-tracking, a joystick mouse and switches and so on. In gaming, it helps to have things easy to track, when the pressure is on to play the game, and not worry about where your controls are.

You can get there by typing “pointer” in the search bar, or by clicking Windows icon > Settings cog icon > Ease of Access > Cursor & pointer.

Many thanks to Thierry Daniago of the RNT Blog for the tip.

Windows search results after typing pointer. Top highlighted result reads, Change mouse pointer size with an arrow and hand with pointing click finger.
Cursor and Pointer window. Has a slider with small pointer to the left and large one to the right. A range of coloured tiles below give an options for pointer colour.