Low-Force Controllers

Two low force controllers

For some players, the buttons and the analogue sticks on a standard controller can be too stiff to press and move. To help with this there is a range of low-force/lightweight options available, ranging from modified standard controllers to specially-made joysticks and buttons.

In this post, we will focus on Lightweight Controllers, which are standard controllers that have been modified to make the sticks and buttons require less force to move and press.

There are also other low-force options which may help to make gaming more accessible – see this post for more details: https://gameaccess.info/low-force-joysticks-and-switches/

Lightweight PS4 DualShock controller

A Lightweight PS4 DualShock controller

The Lightweight PS4 DualShock is a standard PS4 controller which has been modified by the removal of the rumble packs to make it lighter in weight, and the reduction in stick resistance so that they require significantly less force to move them in each direction. The buttons also require less force to press them. It is not possible to modify the Share, Options or the Touchpad Click buttons and so these are all of the standard resistance.

If you find that the shape and size of the DualShock 4 is right for you, then it is possible to get the Lightweight PS4 DualShock controller to work on PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles via an adaptor, such as a Titan Two. The Lightweight PS4 DualShock is available to purchase from OneSwitch: https://www.oneswitch.org.uk/art.php?id=282

Lightweight PS4 Hori Mini

A Lightweight PS4 Hori Mini controller

If reaching both sticks and the buttons on the standard DualShock 4 is difficult, then the smaller sizer and different shape of the PS4 Hori Mini can be a potential solution. It is worth noting that the controller does not have rumble motors, motion controls or a touchpad, although there is the option to hold down the ‘TP’ button and move one of the analogue sticks to emulate touchpad swipes.

A lightweight PS4 Hori Mini is also available. It has low-force sticks and buttons which could potentially help if the sticks and buttons on the standard Hori Mini controller are too stiff to move and press. These controllers are modified and sold by OneSwitch: https://www.oneswitch.org.uk/art.php?id=283

Lightweight Xbox One controller

A Lightweight Xbox One controller

The Lightweight Xbox One controller is a modified Xbox One controller that has its rumble motors removed to reduce the overall weight. It also has low-force analogue sticks and buttons, so it requires much less force than a standard Xbox One controller to activate the majority of the controls. It is not possible to modify the the D-pad and sync buttons, so these are of the standard resistance.

These controllers are particularly helpful for those who can reach all, or most, of the controls on a standard Xbox One controller but find that the controls themselves are too stiff to move and press. This controller works on Xbox One and the Xbox Series consoles.  If the size and shape of the controller suits the user better than other controllers, then it is worth noting that they can work on the PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles by using an adaptor such as a Titan Two.

The Lightweight Xbox One controller is available to purchase via OneSwitch: https://www.oneswitch.org.uk/art.php?id=284

Button remapping

If physically accessing all of the controls is difficult, it is also worth noting that all of the current consoles allow for button remapping at a system level (see our article on how to remap controls) and that some mainstream games have reduced control schemes and other accessibility settings that can potentially help.

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