New One Button PC Games (Nov 2020)

Witches stare on at a pumpkin, with an arrow and powerbar next to it.
Chill Balloon, hot air balloon floating across a lovely landscape.
Brick maze with three triangular space ships.

A selection of single button (aka one-switch) games for the PC that were created as part of a One Button Game Jam 2020 competition in 2020. These games are designed to be started, played and restarted using a single button (normally the SPACE BAR or the mouse left-click). Some of the entries are also low pressure games, where you don’t need to do anything very quickly. Most are for PC, Mac, Linux and/or are possible to play online. All are donationware: you can choose to play them for free or make a donation to the programmers.

Chill Balloon. A relaxed balloon flying game. Very low pressure. Fly at your leisure over a British countryside, with animals freely running around. There is just point of accuracy required at the end, where you try to land on a large round target area.

Little Seed Grow. Grow a seed into a full fruit or vegetable, and can choose to feed a beetle too while doing so. One switch will control the weather and time of day to match the needs of the plant.

One Button Peggle. An online bagatelle/Peggle like game for one switch. Try to hit all the pegs with your limited supply of balls.

One Button Dungeon. Enter every room to complete this simple puzzle game.

Pumpkin Toss. Four obstacle courses to overcome by launching your Pumpkin rightwards.