Paw Patrol: On a Roll! | Controls Walkthrough Video

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We’re always looking for games with few button inputs. So in today’s video we’re going to be looking at Paw Patrol on a Roll! In Paw Patrol the aim of the game is to go through levels collecting Paw treats and performing rescue missions. You get to play as all the pups from the TV show Paw Patrol. It’s available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. In this video we’ll be looking at the console version of the game. However, all controls featured can also be found in the PC version. For the most part of the game you use Left and Right Stick to move your character left and right. For PlayStation, pressing the X button will make your pup jump. Pressing it twice will make the pup double jump. X will also allow you to interact with objects such as rope. For Xbox this would be the A button and for Nintendo Switch this would be the B button. You have to sometimes get past obstacles such as lakes or getting up over houses. So, coming up here three options will appear. You have to choose the right gadget to get across each obstacle. Each option has its own button. So for PlayStation this would be Square, Triangle or Circle. For Xbox this would be X, Y or B and for Nintendo Switch this will be Y, X and A. Don’t worry if you choose the wrong one because you can keep going until you choose the correct one. Rider, who’s the boy who helps the puppies throughout the levels, will often provide a hint as to which gadget is the right one to choose. There may be some points in the level where you have to use all directions of Left Stick. So just going through a maze or using the pup X-ray. Whilst going through the maze you can use the X button on PlayStation to use your smell ability. This will help you get out of the maze. For Xbox this will be A and for Nintendo Switch this will be B. Another part of the game where the joystick controls are lightly different is when you’re flying or swimming underwater. You can only use up and down during these parts where you have to avoid the birds and fish. There are several puzzles that you have to solve in order to walk across a path. So, here, we’ll be using the different shapes to fix the bridge and you have to match the shape using the Left Stick. And pressing X on PlayStation will place that piece down. A reminder that for Xbox this would be the A button and for Nintendo Switch this would be the B button. Thanks for watching and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with SpecialEffect.

In this video, we take a look at the controls needed to play Paw Patrol: On a Roll! on nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Left stick: move pup

X (PS4)/A (Xbox One)/B (Switch): interact with objects

Circle/Triangle/Square (PS4)/X/Y/B (Xbox One)/Y/X/A (Switch): choose between three gadgets to get past obstacles i.e. getting over a barn or across a lake

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Video by Cara Jessop

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