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Here at SpecialEffect we work with disabled gamers and help them find ways
to be able to play. We often meet people who can use one joystick and two buttons.
So, in this video we’re going to have a look at selection of games that you can
use with this control setup. Some games are designed to be played with one stick
and two buttons and others work well with reduced controls. FIFA 18 has an
optional two button mode which allows you to use left stick for player
movement and one button for pass or light tackle and another button for
shoot or hard tackle.
Although many racing games allow for more inputs for
extra control, we often find that you can play with just one joystick for steering
a button for accelerate and another button for braking and reverse. In this
particular video we are showing Burnout Paradise using this control setup.
Here we’re having a look at Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport 7 using the same
control schemes.
In Crash Bandicoot you can play using a stick to run around, a button for jump
and another button for spin attack.
In Limbo you use the left stick to make the character move around one button to
interact with objects and another button to jump.
If you like Limbo you might want have a look at Inside which uses the same
controls and has a similar gameplay style.
InToki Tori 2 you use the left stick to make the character move around, one
button to stomp and the other button to whistle. You use these two commands to
solve puzzles within the game. The character will jump over objects that
aren’t too high automatically.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe allows you to play the game
with reduced controls due to accessibility settings in the game. So
here we’re using left stick for steering, we have auto accelerate switched on and
we’re using our two buttons for brake and use item.
Nidhogg is a side-scrolling sword fighting game where you use one button
for attack and the other button for jump. You can aim your attack moving the left
analog stick up and down. The original Nidhogg has the same controls.
In Bush League Hockey use one analog stick for player movement and for aiming, one button to
pass and another the button to shoot. When playing defensively you use these
buttons to tackle your opponent.
The next few games we’ll look at in this video
only require one button and one joystick. Here we’re having a look at
Sonic Mania. In Sonic Mania you use one stick for player movement and one button for
jump. Earlier in the video we had a look at FIFA 18 and it’s Two Button mode.
FIFA 19 has Two Button mode but it also has a One Button mode where you use one
joystick for player movement and one button for pass, shoot and tackle.
Donut County is another one stick one button game. You generally used the
button to progress dialogue and the stick to move the whole around and collect the
items as a way to solve the puzzles.
Dino Dini’s kick-off revival is a retro style
football game that uses one button for all commands and the left stick for
player movement.
Thanks for watching this video and if there’s anything that we
can do to help, then please do get in touch. Further information for some of
these games can be found in the description below.

SpecialEffect Occupational Therapist Joe takes a look at games which we use with one joystick and two buttons to play.

Video by Joe Morgan and Bill Donegan 

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Forza Motorsport 7:…

Gran Turismo Sport:…



Sonic Mania:

Donut County:

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival:


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:…

Burnout Paradise Remastered:…

Bush Hockey League:

Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy:

Toki Tori 2:

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