PS5 Accessibility Feature Tags | PlayStation Store

Found on the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 5 consoles, ‘Accessibility Tags’ offer additional information on the store page of select games, regarding the accessibility features in that game. These features may have been built into the game design by default, or available as optional settings. The tags do not currently appear on the store page when accessed from a browser, for instance on PC or a mobile device, or the PlayStation App.

Subdivided into six categories, there are over 50 possible tags ranging from subtitles and audiovisual aids, to remapping, and even features that may help during online competitive play.

Accessibility Tag Categories

  • Visuals
  • Audio
  • Subtitles and Captions
  • Controls
  • Gameplay
  • Online Communication

For the purposes of this article, we will only be expanding upon the categories relevant to motor accessibility. 

Do all games have accessibility tags?

Not all games offer accessibility tags as the game developers themselves must opt in to having them as part of their online storefront information.

As such, the accessibility tags feature is not a comprehensive list of accessibility feature-rich games offered via the PS5 store. However, accessibility tags may be helpful in quickly identifying the features offered by certain games.

For a more comprehensive list of games offering accessibility features, Sony offer a curated list of games on their website called their accessibility collection (image above). Within this list, however, the games do not include information on the included features, or display the accessibility tags.

Screenshot of the Accessibility in PlayStation Games on the PlayStation and Accessibility page on the PlayStation website. It shows the first games on the list of included games.

A similar list that does link out to more information on the accessibility features the games include, can be found on the ‘PlayStation and Accessibility‘ page of the PlayStation website (image above). Again, the accompanying information does not show the accessibility tags, which are restricted for use on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 5, but you can select ‘Learn More’ under each game to access information on the accessibility features in a particular game.

How to access the Accessibility Tags

While navigating the PlayStation 5 Store page you can select a game, then, in the information panel on the right-hand side, you can see if that game offers any accessibility features. You may select the panel, followed by ‘Accessibility Features’ to view a breakdown of that game’s tags:

Alternatively, you can press the triangle button when you are on a games store page to jump directly to the accessibility tags menu if the game is listed as having accessibility features.

Controls Category

Rise of the Ronin Accessibility Features section of its store page, showing the 'Controls' category screen and a list of the tags the game has had applied to it.

If a game offers accessibility features that modify the way a game is controlled, for example, remapping, swapping stick functionality, or if the game is playable without button holds, it will be listed under the Controls section.

The category consists of an unknown number of possible tags, with new ones potentially being added. Currently, the commonly tagged features include the following:

  • Controller Remapping
  • Playable without Button Holds
  • Playable without Rapid Button Presses
  • Playable without Simultaneous Inputs
  • Playable without Motion Controls
  • Adjustable Stick Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Stick Inversion
  • Playable without Controller Vibration
  • Playable without Adaptive Trigger Effect

Depending on how in-depth the accessibility features offered in a category are, the category can also have the sub-bracket of either (Basic) or (Advanced), as shown in the image above.

Gameplay Category

EA Sports FC 24 Accessibility Features section, section of its store page, showing the 'Gameplay' category screen and a list of the tags the game has had applied to it.

Some games may offer accessibility features that either modify the way a game is played or offer features that may be helpful for players with motor difficulties. Some examples of modified gameplay might be the ability to adjust the player’s health and power, or simplify certain game aspects such as puzzles or quick time events.

Additional potentially helpful features listed may include game features, such as training modes, tutorials, or non-combat areas. These accessibility features, alongside those similar in nature, can be found in the Gameplay tab of the game’s accessibility tags.

Recurring tagged features include:

  • Practice Mode
  • Tutorial Reminders
  • Control Reminders
  • Adjustable Difficulty
  • Skippable Puzzles
  • Simplified Quick Time Events
  • Adjustable Game Speed
  • Game Pausing
  • Manual Saving

As with the Controls category, the Gameplay category also has several features subdivided into ‘(Basic)‘ and ‘(Advanced)‘, such as Adjustable Difficulty (Advanced)’ or ‘Game Speed (Advanced)’:

Screenshot of the Rise of the Ronin Controls Accessibility Features screen, with the 'Adjustable Stick Inversion (Advanced)' accessibility feature tag highlighted.

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