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In this video we will be looking at the controls used to play RIME [PEGI 7].
When using a controller, the game’s control schemes are the same across all platforms (Xbox One, PS4 and PC).
We’ll be focusing on the use of a controller in this video. Gameplay captured is from the PC version of the game using an Xbox One Controller.
We’ll start by looking at the controller scheme for each of the platforms from their control menus.
On the PC version you can remap the controller button inputs as well as the keyboard inputs. Whilst you can’t remap controls on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, you can remap controls from the PS4 Accessibility and Xbox One Ease of Access Settings Menus.
We’ll now look at these controls individually on the controller and their actions.
Left Stick: Moving your character in the game is done using the left joystick. The speed of movement is analog. For swimming, it turns you left and right, it is used when you need to move items, and it is also used to turn wheels in puzzles. It can also be used to move the line of sight during puzzles, instead of the suggested Right Stick.
Right Stick: The Right Stick changes your camera angle. However, the camera also follows you automatically as you move and turn. As with the Left Stick, it can be used to change the
line of sight to complete puzzles.
A Button /Cross Button: This will allow you to jump or ascend in the direction you hold the Left Stick. It is also used to swim upwards when under water.
B Button /Circle Button: Used to swim downwards, roll or dive, drop down and release or drop an item.
X Button /Square Button: Used to interact and pick up items. It is also used to throw certain items, by holding it for a longer, set time. It is also used to place items.
Y Button /Triangle Button: On PS4, the touchpad can also be used for the same action.
Y/Triangle (and/or touchpad on PS4) is used to shout. This is used to interact with certain objects and to complete puzzles.

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