Thumb Soldiers’ Thumbstick Tops

A common modification people make to game controllers is to add thumbstick extenders. This is normally to improve reach or comfort. Something that has often afflicted these extenders is how easily they can come off by accident. The “Thumb Soldiers” range addresses this issue with a “knuckle” clamp, sized to fit PS4/PS5, Xbox One/S/X or Nintendo Joy-Cons thumbsticks.

The “knuckle” clamp comes in two parts, and snugly attaches to any compatible thumbstick. Fitting into this is a range of tops. These include sticks, wrist rests, mushroom tops, studs for a finger to use and more.

Although you can still deliberately twist a top off to remove it, it seems difficult (from our initial testing) to do this by accident. The tops are made from a hard, lightweight plastic, with some texture to improve grip.

Guide for fitting a stick top into the Thumb Soldiers knuckle. Align the locking arms to locate within the knuckle. Fully insert the soldier into the knuckle. Pinch/hold the soldier and twist to lock. The soldier can now be adjusted to your fit. Insert the soldier into the other knuckle. Read to play... Take advantage.