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Playing Eye Gaze Games Using an Irisbond Hiru/Duo Eye Gaze Camera on Windows w/ Easy Click ‘Pro’ 

In this video, we will look at how to the Irisbond Duo eye gaze camera can be used with its EasyClick Pro software, to play games on in Windows.   

 The website works when you are using your eye gaze camera to control the mouse cursor position and a left click. Depending on your eye gaze camera and the Windows control software you use, you may be able to use some of the different options available on the site, such as using an in-built centralised Dwell, or when more direct and immersive control options are available in certain games, for instance. 

With the Irisbond Duo camera’s EasyClick Pro software, you move your eyes to control where it clicks. You have a few ways to do this. You can use the Keep Left Click Active option, the Click with Zoom option or the Mouse Movement option. You may find that you prefer to use different options for different games. If you have access to EasyClick Beginner, you may also consider this an option for playing on, so we will also cover this briefly and we have a separate video on using the EasyClick Beginner software on the site. 

Controlling the mouse cursor and selecting:  

If using the Left Click or Keep Left Click Active option from the Pro toolbar, you will have a ‘desktop gaze bubble’ that shows where you are looking onscreen. You can left click at the point you stop moving your gaze, using a Dwell, Blink or Switch, depending on which option you have chosen to use in the EasyClick Pro’s options. This method can be used to interact with the onscreen buttons that are used to control many of the games. For instance, here, to select the buttons, we hover our gaze over the buttons and use the EasyClick Pro’s dwell option to select them.  

Some game modes use more direct control rather than onscreen buttons and require the Windows cursor to be used to recognise where a player is looking, such as for the more direct control modes used for steering vehicles in Open Drive and Eye Drive and for aiming in Gazey Golf. The ‘gaze bubble’ that follows your gaze in the Left Click or Keep Left Click Active modes won’t be recognised to control them this way, however, there are alternative controls using onscreen buttons available that can be used instead. 

The Click with Zoom option will also have the same restrictions with these games. It can be used to select buttons on the site, but not for these particular control modes that need to reference the Windows mouse cursor position.  

If you do want to use the more direct control modes using control of the Windows mouse cursor, the Mouse Movement option from the ‘Pro toolbar’ will enable you to move the Windows cursor using your gaze, giving you constant control of the cursor position, that the site can recognise. For instance, here, we are using the Dwell option in the EasyClick Pro software, and we can look at the buttons onscreen to hover the mouse cursor over them and dwell for a set amount of time to left click and select them. 

When using the Mouse Movement option, you can also choose to use the Eye Gaze Games website’s own in-built Dwell, which has the advantage of being centralised on the onscreen buttons, which some may find can help keep their eyes on a target to select it more easily.  

You can find this in-built Dwell option in the eye gaze settings on the Eye Gaze Games website or when using the set-up wizard. If using this feature, please be aware that you can’t turn off the click option in the EasyClick Pro software, so your Dwell, Blink or Switch click will still be active in addition to the site’s in-built Dwell. You are able to turn off the click in the EasyClick Beginner software, however, so that may be an option for players who would like to use the Windows mouse cursor to play those games more directly on the site and/or use the website’s in-built Dwell option. 

The site’s in-built Dwell time can be adjusted in the Eye Gaze options on the website and in the set-up wizard. You can also choose whether you are able to select a button repeatedly without looking away and back to a button and also choose the Dwell appearance, between a pie or a shrinking animation. 

Classic & Precise Control Modes 

Using any of the three mouse control modes we have looked at in the EasyClick Pro toolbar, you can interact with the website and many of the games using either Classic or Precise control modes; two options you can find in the Eye Gaze settings on the Eye Gaze Games site. Often the Precise mode will allow you to select smaller targets to interact more directly with games, whilst Classic gives you larger onscreen buttons.  

For the 3D games, such as Open Drive, Eye Drive and Gazey Golf, Precise mode will also let you play more directly, whilst changing the style of gameplay quite considerably in some games, as mentioned earlier. As we said before, only Mouse Movement from the EasyClick Pro mouse control options or the EasyClick Beginner software will allow you to play using these Precise controls in these games, but Classic can be used with any of them.  

As an example of the controls in the 3D games, when using Precise mode in Open Drive, the vehicle will follow your Gaze as you move the mouse cursor. If playing in Classic mode, you will instead have onscreen buttons to select to steer the vehicle. In Gazey Golf, when using Precise mode the trajectory of the ball will follow your gaze, whilst in Classic you will use onscreen buttons. 

If using Precise mode, you may find that adjusting the Smoothing in the settings in the EasyClick Pro software, helps to make steering, feel more responsive and so easier to control. This option is also available in the EasyClick Beginner software. Choosing Very Low is the most responsive when you move your gaze, making the vehicle feel like it is turning quicker. You can also check the Options within the different games to see what settings can be changed for controls and gameplay too.  

To try the games yourself and play for free, visit

The Eye Gaze Games website has been created to work with a wide range of eye gaze cameras, when both the camera and website have been set up correctly to work together.

In this video, we will look at how to use the Irisbond Duo eye gaze camera with its EasyClick software in Pro mode to play games on

We have a separate video on using EasyClick software in ‘Beginner’ mode to play: 


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1:44 | Controlling the Mouse Cursor and Selecting

5:18 | ‘Classic’ and ‘Precise’ Control Options

Visit to play!  

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