Wirelessly connecting XAC to PS4 (and other consoles)

The video above shows a method for connecting a Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller wirelessly to other (than Xbox One) games machines.

PS4 example:

1. Connect: a Titan Two (inc. bluetooth upgrade kit) to a PS4. Connect a PS4 joypad and XAC to the front of the Titan Two.
2. Power on PS4: Wait for menu screen to appear. Disconnect XAC from INPUT-B.
3. Pair: Hold UP on T2 for 5 seconds until display rolls (bluetooth pairing indicator) then hold sync on the XAC (back right black button) until the illuminated Xbox button flashes fast.
4. When the XAC light and T2 display stop flashing, you can play!

Xbox Adaptive Controller connected wirelessly to a Titan Two into a Playstation 4. With OneSwitch Ultrastik controller.