1 Stick 2 Buttons: Game Control Mixer games

Game Control Mixer. 1 Stick +  2 Buttons. By OneSwitch.org.uk.

Image of a tornado swirl. Also a joystick with two buttons made in a raspberry pi.

A free booklet on games that are possible to play using a single joystick and two buttons with a special Game Control Mixer adapter has been released by OneSwitch.org.uk.

Download: GCM 1 Stick 2 Buttons Booklet download (can be viewed direct from the link, but best downloaded and seen with a PDF viewer if you can). The video below is another way to view the booklet.

The GCM system enables far more games to be played, thanks to a special SHIFT feature. This enables the joysticks to be changed at any time to one of 24 modes amongst other features. More on this here and in the last video below.

Various pages from the Game Control Mixer 1 Stick + 2 Buttons booklet.