PS4 Dualshock Back Button Attachment

PS4 Dualshock with fitted rear back button attachment. A black sculpted attachment with round OLED screen with the Playstation shapes displayed. Two trigger buttons either side.

Sony have announced an add on to their DualShock 4 joypad (the standard controller for a PS4). Called the Dualshock 4 Back Button Attachment, it adds two programmable back buttons and a round all-in-one display/button to help users set it up.

Reportedly, there are three profiles you can quickly swap between. These consist of a choice from 16 controls (d-pad, shapes, shoulder-buttons and perhaps L3, R3, Options and Touch-click). It seems the left-stick and right-stick directions won’t be available to apply to these buttons.

Due out in late January, in the US for $29.99 at least. Playstation Europe also promoting this, so a good sign for a broader release around the world.

This kind of thing can be very useful for people unable to reach all the controls comfortably who can reach the back of the controller well.

Alternatives: There are a number of other methods like this available. These include all-in-one custom controllers from Scuf Gaming. Also the Xbox One Strikepack Eliminator and PS4 Strikepack FPS Dominator adapters.