A SpecialEffect Voice Control Script | How to… Video

We made a voice control script that aims to replicate using a PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch controller to play games. In this video we give a run down of some of the features in the script while playing God of War, Forza Horizon 4 and Super Mario Odyssey.

We’re using a piece of software called GAVPI to detect voice commands and press keyboard keys. Alongside that we’re using a Titan Two device and its own GtunerIV software to convert those keyboard key presses into gamepad inputs and forward them to the game console. Any voice recognition software will work as long as the commands are mapped to the keyboard keys that correspond to the right functions in the Titan Two script. If you want to try this script, you can download the file below for GAVPI, which is what we’ve used in the video, but there is also a file that contains the same profiles for VoiceAttack:

Unzip the file and you’ll find three folders inside. One for the GAVPI profiles, another for the Titan Two scripts, and a third called “Extras” which contains PDF’s of all the voice commands in the script, as well as some sounds which you can add to your GAVPI profile to help you keep track of the Rapid Fire, Hold and Build Combo commands.

To add sounds to your profile, edit one of the Action Sequences and add a PlaySound Action to any of the Rapid Fire, Hold or Build Combo sequences. You can use the MP3 files in the Extras folder or add your own!

You can remove any commands that you aren’t using simply by deleting the phrase from the Triggers section in GAVPI. Refer to the PDF in the Extras folder for further info on this.

For a short guide on how to import the script into your own setup, please see this post: https://gameaccess.info/how-to-import-voice-controlprofiles/

And to learn how to add commands to the script, or to create your own scripts, this post will cover the basic steps: https://gameaccess.info/how-to-set-up-voice-controls-on-console/

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