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In this video we will be looking at how to use voice controls on console using a PC and a Titan Two Adapter, and then we’ll look at how to import profiles so you can use them in your own set up. The voice control software that we will be using is a free piece of software called GAVPI. We have made a voice control profile that emulates all of the controls on the standard console controller. This video will show you how you can import this profile to use it with your setup. If you would like to use this profile you can find it in a link in the description below this video. You can also use this video to learn how to import any other profile not just ones that we have made. We are using a PlayStation 4 for this video, but this setup will also work for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The equipment that you will need to set this up include: A Windows PC, a PS4 console and controller, a Titan Two, and a headset with a microphone, the headphones that we are using are called Turtle Beach P11. You will also need three micro USB cables, one of which is included with the Titan Two. First we will have a look at getting the hardware set up, and then we will have a look at the software. Before we start, remember to make sure your console is configured to use USB Communication for controllers, to ensure that it works with the Titan Two. Plug the Titan Two’s micro USB cable into the output slot on the Titan itself, and then plug the other end of this cable into the controller port on your PS4 console. Now connect your PC to the Titan Two via the Prog slot on the back of the Titan using your second micro USB cable. Now connect your PS4 controller to Input A on the front of the Titan Two with your last micro USB cable. Even if you aren’t going to be using the controller itself you do need to do this as the PS4 needs an official PS4 controller plugged into the Titan to be able to verify. Now plug your headset into the PC. Your hardware setup will look something like this. Now we will have a look at the software. The First thing you need to do is set up your mic for speech recognition. Now let’s have a look at GAVPI software, the link to the website is in the description of this video. Import a profile in GAVPI by opening the one you want to use. Go to File and then click Open Profile. Now select the profile, in this case we are using a profile called “PlayStation4Controller.XML”. Now that the profile has been opened we can see the commands that it uses by clicking Profile, and then Modify. So here we have all of the Phrases on the left, and the corresponding Actions on the right. Now we can close the profile page and test the profile by clicking Listen. If you get this error message, just go to the settings and press save. So now if I say some of the commands from the profile. cross, are two, triangle, the software displays that it has picked up the phrases. press Stop, to stop listening. Now we need to have a look at the Titan Two software which is called GtunerIV. First you need to download Gtuner, the link to this software is available in the description for this video. Now open the software. Before we transfer a script onto the Titan Two, we first need to open the script in Gtuner Go to File, and then Open. Now select the Titan Two script that links up to your GAVPI profile. In our case we will select “ConsoleController.gpc”. If your script has a .git at the end, that isn’t a problem that process will be exactly the same. Transfer the script onto the Titan Two by clicking the Install to Memory Slot icon and choosing a memory slot. We will install it onto memory slot 1. You can see on the right it is now installed onto slot 1. For this particular case we will also need to install a second script onto the Titan. We will repeat the process with a different script called “ConsoleController-Suspend”, this time installing it onto memory slot 2. Load the memory slot by clicking the number to the left of the script. We’ll load slot 1 here. To make the Titan convert keyboard keys into button presses we need to Enter Capture Mode. To do this click tools and then KMG Capture. Before entering capture mode we need to go back to GAVPI and set it to listen. Now we can press ENTER IN CAPTURE MODE, and the Titan will convert the keyboard keys in GAVPI into inputs on the console. Press CTRL and ESC keys to exit capture mode at any point. Thank you for watching this video. If you would like to discuss voice controls or any of the other work that we do then please do get in touch. cross, stop, triangle, forward.

In instances where you have a voice control profile that has already been created and want to use it in your own setup, the profile will need to be imported before it can be used. This video will show you how to import voice control profiles into GAVPI software, and then also how to import matching profiles into GtunerIV so that you can use voice controls to play games on console.

We’ll be showing this process on PlayStation 4, but it will also work on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. You’ll need a Windows device to run the voice recognition software, in our case we’re using a Windows 10 laptop, and you’ll also need a Titan Two adapter to connect it to the PS4.

If instead you want to create your own profile, or to add more commands to an imported profile, please see this post below on creating your own profiles.

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