Evil Controllers’ Mini XAC Thumbstick

Photo showing the Evil XAC Mini Thumbstick on a LogitechG adaptive kit tray next to LogitechG adaptive kit buttons.

The Mini XAC Thumbstick from Evil Controllers is an Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) compatible thumbstick style joystick which is housed in a separate case and can be positioned where it is best suited for the player.

The case is approximately 50mm x 34mm with a height (from base to top of joystick) of 38mm.

It is connected to the XAC through the X1 (left stick by default) or X2 (right stick by default) ports on the rear of the controller.

Photo showing the cable from the XAC Mini Thumbstick plugged into the X1 port on the XAC.

At SpecialEffect we most often use these positioned near the hand, foot or chin. An optional Handle Base Mount to fit the hand grip of an Xbox One Standard Controller is also available. This allows the player to attach the joystick to either the left or right hand grip base on their controller and use it as a secondary joystick by moving the controller itself. The Mini XAC Thumbstick, positioned upside down on a surface, will consequently move and the player can use it whilst also accessing one of the joysticks on the top of the standard controller. To do this, ‘Copilot‘ is used to allow both the XAC and standard Xbox One controller both to control a single player in-game.


Mini XAC Thumbstick: https://www.evilcontrollers.com/mini-xac-thumbstick

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