Jabberwocky (Android) Free Head Tracking

Jabberwocky Android head tracking. Mock up of a four mobile phones with a persons face indent bottom-right, controlling the phone. A How It Works guide. Dialing a phone number. Composing an e-mail. Playing a match-three game.

Jabberwocky (by Swiftable) is a free utility for Android phones and tablets enabling them to be used with head movement alone, tracked by the “selfie” camera.

Moving the on-screen cursor is by moving your head. Open and close your mouth quickly to tap. Open your mouth and move your head to swipe/drag.

Shaking your head left to right (as if saying “no” disables / enables the on-screen cursor. This could be useful if watching a film. It also helps to centre the cursor.

If the user is able, they can use Jabberwocky alongside other input methods (such as a mouse or switch interface).

It can be easier to use head-tracking with a mount to steady your camera or tablet device, and a fairly well lit area. I’ve found it smooth and responsive, and it could be a suitable option for playing lower pressure point and click type games, such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush as well as other low-speed activities.

Download Jabberwocky via the Google Play store.

PC and Apple iOS alternatives: Of note, head-tracking is also possible with a very recent iPhone or iPad Pro (one with Face ID / “TrueDepth” selfie cameras). Apple’s solution takes more steps to set up and felt less responsive in use. It could still be very useful though if you have this equipment. Some PC methods include Camera Mouse, Kinesic Mouse and more.

A short GIF showing a head alone with facial gestures to control a mobile phone.