Using an IntegraMouse Plus on Xbox One with the XAC

Image showing IntergraMouse on a Manfrotto Mounting Arm and plugged into the left USB port of an Xbox Adaptive Controller.
The IntegraMouse +, shown here mounted to a Manfrotto Variable Friction Mounting Arm, can be used as either the left or right joystick when used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller

The IntegraMouse + is a mouth-operated joystick operated that can be used for general PC access by acting as a mouse or joystick. As an additional feature, it is compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) to act as left or right joystick on Xbox One or Windows 10 PCs.

To set up the IntegraMouse + with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, it must be put into ‘Joystick Mode’ (labelled J on the IntegraMouse +). This can be done by using either the sip/puff function of the IntegraMouse + or an external switch to plug into the 3.5mm jack. A blue light will be lit up next to the ‘J’ to confirm it is in ‘Joystick Mode’. The IntegraMouse + is now ready to be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Close up of the LED lit up next to 'J' on the IntegraMouse.
The IntegraMouse + must be set to Joystick Mode, indicated here by the LED next to ‘J’ being lit

More information on the IntegraMouse + can be found on their website (unaffiliated link): and an article on using it with the XAC can be found here:

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