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Here at SpecialEffect we work with people to try and find alternative ways for them to access PC and console games. Sometimes people find standard controllers too big for their hands and need something a little bit smaller. In this video, we’ll be looking at five compact controllers that are currently available.
This is a wired Xbox One controller made by Power A. It is significantly smaller than the standard Xbox one controller. This means the distance needed to stretch to the thumbsticks and the buttons is smaller than on the standard Xbox One controller. It is officially licensed and works straight into the Xbox one console. It will also work on a PlayStation 4 console with a TitanTwo adapter. You would need to have an official PlayStation 4 controller plugged into the adapter for it to work. This is a wired Xbox 360 controller also made by Power A. It has the same dimensions as the mini Xbox One controller we just looked at. It will work straight into an Xbox 360 console but it will also work on an Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 with either a “Cross Hair” adapter, a “Supernova +” adapter or a “TitanTwo.” This controller is no longer available on the Power A website and it can be a bit difficult find. It is sometimes available on eBay and Amazon. This is a PlayStation 4 controller created by Nacon. This controller has all of the features of a standard PS4 controller, however the arms are slimmer which means there’s less of a reach to get to the joysticks and the buttons. It has larger face buttons than a standard PlayStation controller which means a gap between the buttons is smaller. However, the back of the controller is thicker than the standard PlayStation controller. It does have a completely flat back which is useful for mounting or if you don’t like the curved back on the standard PS4 controller. The Nacon will work straight away in a PlayStation 4 console or in an Xbox one console if you use a “Cross Hair” adapter or a “TitanTwo.” The @Play PS4 controller is a wired controller made by @Play. It is a bit smaller than the Nacon controller but is significantly slimmer than the Nacon and the standard PS4 controller. The @Play controller will work straight away in  PlayStation 4 and will also work in Xbox One console with a TitanTwo adapter. This is a wired PlayStation 4 controller created by Hori. This is the smallest of all the PlayStation 4 controllers we have looked at, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s got the shortest reach of the joysticks and buttons. The arms of the controller have been removed and it has a completely
flat back to make it really compact. It has all of the functions of a standard PlayStation 4 controller. The touchpad is just a button, however you can simulate touchpad gestures with the joysticks. Another thing to note is that the triggers are not analog they are just buttons. This controller will work straight into a PlayStation 4 and will also work on Xbox One with a Supernova + or a TitanTwo adapter. Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions on compact controllers please contact SpecialEffect.

For many of the people we help, the small details in the shape and size of a controller are vital to effective access. In this video Frankie, one of SpecialEffect’s Occupational Therapists, show some of the compact controllers we’re using at the moment.

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