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Hi. Today we’re going to be looking at the SimAbility GT ring for use with
Thrustmaster wheels. So SimAbility is a racing adaptive controls company based
in the US and when you buy their ring system it comes with the full
installation guide but if you’re worried about putting that together yourself you
can arrange to have a ring system put onto a wheel rim and sent right to you.
So this is an adaptation that uses push and pull rings instead of the normal
foot pedals so that you can race in games completely foot free. The rings
which are used for throttle and brake can be fitted onto most Thrustmaster
wheels and today we’re using the Ferrari GTE wheel. So this pull ring on the back
acts as your throttle and this push ring on the front acts as your brake but
those the functions can be swapped if you prefer it the other way. There’s also
an adjustable bit on top that acts as a brake pad to give it a more true-to-life
give when you press that push ring on the front.
There are also paddles on either side of the ring system that can be used for
manual shifting. So this is compatible with both PlayStation and Xbox you just
need to connect it to the appropriate base and it’s a great option for standard
racing games like Forza, Need for Speed, Project Cars or Euro Truck Simulator.
What is great about the GT Ring System is that it can also be used one-handed.
When you buy your GT Ring System you’ll also get a tuning kit which comes with
various changeable parts so that you can customise the way that your ring system
fits and feels comfortable for you. The springs can be changed to alter the
amount of resistance that it requires to push or pull the rings. These space
blockers can be changed to alter the amount of distance that the ring can go
forward or backward on the wheel. This can be really helpful so that you can
adjust the Rings to suit the span of your grip when you’re holding the wheel.
These spacers can be changed out on the paddles to move them closer or further
away from you there are also a spare set of screws and a set of allen keys in
case you need these for any other adjustments. You can find a detailed
installation guide on the SimAbility website as well as the guide to the
tuning kit.
So we’ve now connected the wheel and ring system to the Xbox base which is
just attached to the underside of this table with a clamp. It’s important to
note that when you power up the wheel or connect it into the game console it will
spin rapidly while it powers up so be sure to keep clear while it does that.
Today I’m gonna be using the wheel and ring system to play Forza Horizon 3. So
depending on the type of wheel you have and the game you’re using it to play, the
buttons on the face of the wheel will perform different function. On this
wheel I have access to my ‘A’ button, ‘B’ button ‘X’ & ‘Y’ as well as a d-pad for
navigating menus.
So the SimAbility GT Racing System is a great option if you’re looking for
a true-to-life feel to Sim Racing but it is just one of their options so check
out the SimAbility website to find out more information. Thank you for watching
this video and please check out and get in touch with
us if you have any questions.

In this video SpecialEffect Occupation Therapist Liz takes a look at SimAbility’s GT Ring System V2, an adaptation that uses push and pull rings instead of the normal foot pedals, so that you can race in games completely foot free. 

The wheel is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when using the appropriate base.

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If you have any questions, please visit the “contact us” page.

Video by Cara Jessop


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