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Here at SpecialEffect we are always on the lookout for games and the inbuilt accessibility features that they have. FIFA is one of the most popular games played by people that we work with. In this video we’re going to look at some of the inbuilt accessibility features in FIFA 18 [PEGI 3]. Two Button Mode is a mode in FIFA that allows you to play with just one joystick and two buttons. We use this mode a lot with the people that we work with here a SpecialEffect. To change to this mode you can even do it just before a game when you’re selecting sides or you can go into the “Customise Controls” in the settings menu. The left joystick controls player movements as well as aiming passes and shots.
When defending, the ‘A’ button on an Xbox One or ‘X’ button on PlayStation 4 is used for applying pressure. When in possession, the A button on Xbox One or X button on PlayStation 4 controls passing. Whether you play a high or low pass depends on how long you hold the button for and where you’re aiming. Using the ‘B’ button on Xbox One or ‘Circle’ button on PlayStation 4 controls your shooting. Whilst defending, the B button or Circle button is used for slide tackling or to clear the ball. When taking penalties the left stick is used to aim once a power has been set with the shoot button. When defending penalties the left stick is used for dive direction. Dive is triggered by pressing the B or Circle button. Sprinting is automatic when there is space available for the player to run into. ‘RT’ on Xbox One or ‘R2’ on PlayStation 4 can be used in addition to do this
manually. In Two Button mode player switching becomes automatic when you are defending.
You can still switch player manually by using the ‘LB’ button on Xbox One or L1 Button on PlayStation 4. In matches in ‘The Journey’ Two Button mode can be used. However, in training some more inputs can sometimes be required. In instances like this you can choose to simulate the training before taking part. FIFA 18 has some customization settings that allows gameplay to be altered to suit different abilities. We use them at SpecialEffect to customize different people’s gameplay but they are only available for use in offline mode. These menus are known as ‘sliders.’ Go to ‘Customise Settings,’ ‘Game Settings,’ then scroll to ‘User Gameplay Customization,’ ‘Sprint Speed – User.’ Turning this up helps improve your players maximum speed. ‘Acceleration – User’ – turning this up increases the speed of your acceleration. ‘Shot Error – User’ – putting this down improves your shot accuracy. ‘Pass Error – User’ putting this option down improves your passing accuracy. Power Bar – User’ – putting this option down slows down the time it takes for the power bar to fill up. ‘First Touch Control Error’ – putting this option down improves your first touch. You can play around and decide how much you want each one to be turned up or down to suit your needs or playing style.
There are five accessibility features in FIFA 18 which are in the accessibility menu. These can be found in the ‘Settings Menu.’ To find this menu go to ‘Customise Settings’ and ‘Accessibility.’ You can then see the list of accessibility features that have been added. The first option is ‘Remap Right Stick.’ Some menus have multiple options which you select by scrolling with the right joystick. This update allows you to use the left joystick to scroll through these menus. To access these options click on ‘Remap Right Stick.’ Now these menus can be accessed by just using the left joystick or arrow keys if you’re using a PC. This option is available on PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The second option is to ‘Remap Bumpers and Triggers. Some menus also require the triggers of bumpers to scroll through them. By choosing remap bumpers or triggers you can use the left joystick to scroll through menus or the arrow keys if you’re using a PC. This option is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. On the PC there is now the option to make accessing menus easier with the mouse as you can increase the size of the circular clickable targets in the menu. This option is only available on PC. There is now the option to add an ‘Onscreen Pause Button.’ This means that you can pause the game with the mouse rather than needing to press the ‘Escape’ key. This is only available on PC. Having these mouse options is great as it means people who can only use a mouse to access their PC are able to play FIFA without any keyboard keys. This allows you to turn on subtitles for the journey. Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions on accessibility and FIFA please do contact SpecialEffect.

In this video SpecialEffect Occupational Therapist Frankie takes a look at the accessibility features we make use of in FIFA 18 [PEGI 3] at SpecialEffect.

The features shown in this video apply to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as PC.

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