How to Import a Cross Hair Profile | How to… Video

This video shows how to import a profile someone may have shared with you for the Cross Hair adapter.

The Cross Hair is a device we can utilise to use a keyboard device on a console. We use devices such as the Don Johnston 6.0 switch interface through the Cross Hair, as the Don Johnston emulates keyboard inputs, which the Cross Hair can translate to button inputs on the console.

Update: Since this video was made the Don johnston Switch Interface has been discontinued. Alternativly, we have found that the X-Keys Switch Interface can be used in the same way i.e. more than one key can be used at a time and held for different lengths of required, inputs such as holds.

To map these inputs to the keyboard keys we want to emulate, we need to create a profile with the Cross Hair Manager software. This profile can then be shared to be imported to other Cross Hair adapters.

In the video we import a profile for each console, which would mean that the Cross Hair is ready to use on any of the compatible consoles. If you were just using it on one console, you would only need one profile for the console you use.

Step 1. Download the Cross Hair Manager software from:

Step 2. Download the Cross Hair Profile(s) which have been shared with you. In the video the profiles are being downloaded from a file in dropbox into the ‘Downloads’ folder on the PC. Each console the Cross Hair may be used on will need a profile assigned to that console. In the video we have 4 versions of the same profile, so that this particular Cross Hair can be used on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 .

Step 3. Plug in your Cross Hair to the PC and Delete any existing Profile(s) you want to replace.

Step 4. Import Profile(s) onto the Cross Hair from saved location. One profile on each console will need to be a Start Up profile, so that when the Cross Hair is plugged into a particular console it has a compatible profile to use at start up. In this instance, as we only have one profile for each console, every profile is made a Start Up profile.

Step 5. Save the configuration on the Cross Hair.


Check the ReaSnow Cross Hair website for up to date compatibility information:

Post on exporting a Cross Hair profile:

Video by Bill Donegan