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In this video we’re going to be looking at EyeMine, which is an interface that SpecialEffect has developed to allow you to play Minecraft using eye gaze. For this video, we’ll be using the myGaze assistive eye tracker. This isn’t fully supported by EyeMine, but we’ll show you how to use the software that came with your eye tracker to control the mouse and interact with Minecraft that way. So, first we need to make sure that we’re running myGaze Eye Mouse Play. This will allow us to control the mouse by where we look. If this is your first time using this eye tracker, you’ll want to go through the calibration procedure. Now we can close that Eye Mouse Play window by looking at the green square at the top. You should now see that the mouse is moving wherever you are looking with your eyes. We’re now ready to launch Minecraft because EyeMine uses a modified version of Minecraft. It’s important that here we select the “Forge” option before
hitting play. We can now launch EyeMine. We’ve already selected the mouse as an input, but you can verify this by going into the settings and the “Pointing and Selecting” menu. EyeMine comes with the selection of keyboards at different levels. Today we’ll be using the Minecraft intro keyboard which has five large buttons on each page, but for more advanced eye gaze users there are other keyboards available with more functionality. Because we’re using mouse input to control the game, we need to make one small change within Minecraft. We go to “Mods”, select “Eye Gaze” from the list. “Config.” “Basic Options.” And here we need to turn on “Enable Mouse Emulation Compatibility Mode.” Let’s go back and start a game in Minecraft. The first thing we’re going to do in our Minecraft world, is to turn on “Look with Gaze” and look around the world. And as we look around the world, it’s going to change our view. If this is your first time playing the game, then this is a good opportunity to ask somebody to use a keyboard to adjust the sensitivity. If it’s moving too quickly press the left arrow key to reduce the sensitivity, or press the right arrow key to increase it.
Once you’re happy with looking around, we can turn on walking and explore further. This is now going to follow your gaze wherever you look until you turn walking off again. If this is your first time playing, you might like to adjust the speed at which it walks. You can do this by using a keyboard. Press the up key to increase the speed or the down key to decrease. When you’re walking you’ll see that there’s a symbol at the top of the screen saying that we’re in walking mode.
And now let’s fly .To explore the world we turn on flying. We see a flying symbol in the top of the screen and now if we fly into an obstacle such as a hill or a tree it’s going to automatically fly us higher to get over the obstacle.
So now I’ve moved somewhere else in the world and I’m going to do some mining.
I’m currently looking around but I’ve turned off walk and flying to mine. We’re going to go to the second page and turn on mining. This is now going to keep mining until we turn it off. As you mine deeper into the hill, you’ll find it useful to turn on night vision which allows you to see in the dark.
In this cave I found the cave spider. Let’s go and attack it. Once you’ve finished playing Minecraft, ask someone with a keyboard to press “Escape”
and close Minecraft for you. EyeMine can be closed by right-clicking on the
keyboard interface and selecting “Quit.” Thank you for watching. If you have any questions please contact SpecialEffect.


EyeMine is unique open-source software from UK-based gamers’ charity SpecialEffect that will enable many people with severe physical disabilities to play Minecraft – using only their eyes.

This video explains how to set up a MyGaze camera for use with EyeMine Windows-based EyeMine is free to download for anyone with a Minecraft account and works with a number of suitable eye-trackers. It can also be made compatible with any eye tracker that can control a mouse pointer.

The software has a number of ability levels. If players can use eye gaze to select a square button about a quarter of the height of a monitor, they should should be able to walk, fly and attack. More accurate eye control enables players to build, select items from the inventory and chat.

Download EyeMine at https://github.com/SpecialEffect/EyeM…

Please note: EyeMine is not compatible with Minecraft on mobile or gaming consoles.

Video by Cara Jessop.


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“Brittle Rille” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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