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In this video we’re going to be taking a look at EyeMine, which is an interface that SpecialEffect has developed to help you play Minecraft using eye gaze. In this video we’ll be using the Toby EyeX gaming eye tracker, but other eye trackers are supported by EyeMine. So before we get started, we’ll check that the Tobii EyeX engine is switched on and if this the first time for a new user, we’ll want to create a new profile and calibrate the eye tracker system for them. Once the eye tracker is set up, we can launch Minecraft. Because EyeMine uses a modified version of Minecraft, it’s important that you select the forge option here before hitting play. While Minecraft is starting up we can now launch EyeMine.
We’ve already configured EyeMine to use the Tobii EyeX, but if you need to change this for a new eye tracker, then you can find the options in the settings under “Pointing and Selecting.” EyeMine comes with four different keyboards allowing different levels of access to Minecraft. Today we’re going to be using the introductory keyboard which has five large buttons on each page, but if you’re a more advanced Eye Gaze user, then other keyboards are available with extra features and smaller buttons. Let’s maximize Minecraft and start playing.
At this point we can play Minecraft using Eye Gaze. The first thing we want to do is to turn on “look with gaze” and now when I look within the Minecraft world it will follow my gaze around the world. If this is your first time playing, now’s a good opportunity to ask somebody to use the keyboard arrow keys, left and right, to adjust the sensitivity. If it’s moving too quickly then use the left arrow to reduce the sensitivity or the right arrow to increase it. Once you’re comfortable with looking around the world, we can turn on “walking.” When we turn this on you’ll see that at the top of the screen and walking symbol has appeared and now as we look around the world it will follow our gaze and walk towards where we’re looking. Again if this is your first time you can adjust the speed of this until you’re comfortable, using the up and down arrow keys. If you want to explore by flying we turn on “fly” and as you find obstacles such as trees and hills to fly into, this will automatically adjust your height and keep you flying up and over the obstacles. now let’s do some mining let’s go to the second page of the interface where there is a “mining” button. I turn this on and you can see in the top right-hand corner there’s a mining symbol that tells me that I’m mining and it will continue to mine until I turn it off again. So let’s walk over to a wall and do some mining. Turn on “walk” and “mining.” As you mine more deeply you’ll find it useful to turn on “night vision” which allows us to see either at night time or when you’re deep in a cave. So now we found the zombie in a cave, let’s go and attack him. So for this we want to turn on attack and turn on walking and this will continuously attack until we turn it off. Once we finish playing, we can turn off “look with gaze” and ask somebody with a keyboard and mouse to press escape and close Minecraft. EyeMine can be closed by right-clicking on the keyboard interface and selecting “quit”. Thank you for watching. If you have any questions please contact SpecialEffect.

EyeMine is unique open-source software from SpecialEffect that will enable many people with severe physical disabilities to play Minecraft – using only their eyes (https://www.specialeffect.org.uk/eyemine).

This video explains how to set up a Tobii eyegaze camera for use with EyeMine. Windows-based EyeMine is free to download for anyone with a Minecraft account and works with a number of suitable eye-trackers. It can also be made compatible with any eye tracker that can control a mouse pointer.

The software has a number of ability levels. If players can use eye gaze to select a square button about a quarter of the height of a monitor, they should should be able to walk, fly and attack.

More accurate eye control enables players to build, select items from the inventory and chat.

Download EyeMine at https://github.com/SpecialEffect/EyeM…

Please note: EyeMine is not compatible with Minecraft on mobile or gaming consoles.

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