How to Play Racing Games with a Single Joystick

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Most racing games require the use of two buttons for accelerate and reverse, and also a joystick for steering. If you find that using two buttons and a joystick at the same time is difficult then we’re going to have a look at how you can put all the controls onto one joystick so you can use the joystick for accelerating and reverse as well. Some racing games will let you map all the controls onto a joystick in the in-game control settings. If the specific game that you want to play doesn’t allow you to do this, we’re going to show how you can do it using a Supernova Plus adapter. So this is the supernova plus and there’s a variety of things that you can do with the Supernova. The main reasons we usually use it, is to be able to get a variety of different controllers working on different consoles. So for example you could get an Xbox controller working on a PlayStation, but in this instance we’re going to use it for the remapping function using this P button. So we have the Supernova Plus plugged into the console and we have the controller plugged into the Supernova Plus to remap. It’s just a case of pressing the P button and then you’re going to press the right trigger, press the P button again, and the light will flash and then press up on the left stick. So you’ve now mapped accelerate onto the left stick. To do the same for brake, it’s just the same process. So P button, left trigger, P button again, down on the left stick. So we’ve now mapped accelerate and brake to the left stick. If you do make a mistake or if you want to change this back, it’s just a case of holding the P button down until the lights flash. So you can play with any joystick or controller that works best for you and you can play using any body part that you find most comfortable to use. So here I’m going to use a chin controller to play Forza horizon 3. I’m pushing forward on the stick to accelerate. I can pull back to brake and reverse and then left and right movement on the stick is steering. We find that this setup works with a variety of different joysticks and games depending on which type of racing game a person wants to play. Some racing games require extra buttons and you may need to use external switches for this. Thank you for watching this video and if there’s anything that we can do to help, then please do get in touch.

In this video Joe, one of our Occupational Therapy team here at SpecialEffect, looks at how to use a single joystick to control steering, accelerate and brake in racing games when in game remapping options are not available.

In this example we do this using the SuperNova Convertor +, though there may be other ways of doing this using other adapters.

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Video by Joe Morgan and Bill Donegan

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