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Here at SpecialEffect we’re always looking for new games that we can do
with our eye gaze users and we appreciate that some games are quite fast, a lot of camera movements, a lot of clicking and it can just seem quite daunting. So what we’ll do today is look at some puzzle games using a Tobii and a myGaze camera and they might be slightly addictive I’ll warn you but there’s no special software.
It’s just the one that comes with your camera. So that’s what we’ll be looking at today. So all I have here is a surface tablet and it has the Tobii mounting bracket for the camera which is on the front and I have calibrated myself we won’t be running through that today because you’ll have your own settings and we’ll just be getting straight into the games. So I’ve done my calibration I’m now in Windows control using the gaze interaction software that comes with the Tobii and this will create a pop-up window I’ve positioned mine in the top of the screen. And this is where all my click selections are hiding. So all I’ve done is I have set my blink as my click. I personally find that easier it’s whatever personal preference you have and I also for Bejeweled have zoom click on. I’ve just activated the double click to launch the game and I’ve taken it out of full screen mode because if you have it on full screen it won’t register your eye gaze and so we just need to take it into windowed mode and we can get started. So the aim of the game is to match three or more colors in a row and this will cause them to explode. So it’s just a case of clicking on two of the shapes to swap them and then they will disappear and give you points. Using the zoom to click function, the first blink will magnify the area of the screen you’re looking at and the second blink will actually be your click. So with the game like Bejeweled with lots of little targets it’s sometimes helpful to have that zoom option. So I now have a “Very PC” in front of me with a myGaze camera and I’m using “myGaze Eye Mouse Play” which is the software that comes with the camera and I will be showing you today Peggle. And all I’m going to do for this is, once my calibration is done, I
will check that my dwell settings are all in order for my click and then you
just need to make sure that Peggle is not in full-screen mode otherwise this will mean that the eye gaze won’t be picked up and you won’t be able to play properly. So just take out of full screen, which is within the game menu option and then we can start. The aim of Peggle is to fire a cannonball at a whole bunch of balls on your screen and this will select them and give you points with every ball that you hit. So the nice thing about Peggle is it can be quite fast but you can take it at your own pace and you only have to do one click to launch your ball and that’s it. So I’ve set this to dwell and I’ve got my own animation showing of the loading pie and that’s showing me my feedback for my dwell. So for me I personally prefer to pause the eye gaze in between my shooting of the Cannonball, just to give my eyes a bit of a rest, but this is your own personal preference. So I’m just going to do one click and then my balls fired and that’s all you need to do. So this is called “Jar of Marbles.” Again it’s a nice simple point-and-click game. I will be continuing with the myGaze camera and my left click and I’ve just made sure that I have turned it out of full screen mode. To do this you go into more and then there’s a drop-down menu called “Resolution” and so you click in there exit full-screen and that’s all you need to do. So today I’m going to make it easy on myself and go into a beginner difficulty and I’ve got my left click activated. That’s all done and it is what it says on the tin basically. We have a jar of marbles and we want to connect them via groups of three in different color codes. This will cause them to explode and clear your jar. So I am just doing dwell to click and I’m just looking at the part of the jar I want to drop my marble, and then dwell, and that’s what you need to do.
Thank you for joining us for this video on I Eye Gaze gaming. I hope it’s been useful and we look forward to seeing how you guys get on.

Occupational Therapist Cam shows three of the games we use which are easy to setup for the different eye gaze cameras we use at SpecialEffect.

The games require the player to be able to use their camera’s mouse control software to play.


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Video by Cara Jessop.


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“Zazie” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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