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Hi I’m Nomi from SpecialEffect and I’m just to give you some information about the newly updated versions of the Evil Lefty and Righty controller for the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4. They’re great for people who have reduced mobility in one hand but still want to play using the full range of the controller. These are updated versions and so this video will just be looking at the new versions. If you want some more information about the Evil Lefty and Righty controllers have a look at our another video and that will go into a bit more detail about how you can use them.
So here we have an updated Evil Lefty controller. So we’ve got a thumbstick click that replaces the stick click on this side and over on the other side we have updated paddles which are just a bit more comfortable to press and which are remapped for the right-sided R1 and R2 which enables you to play with your left hand side only. Evil controllers have also brought out an Evil Righty PlayStation 4 controller. So again you can just play with your right hand side and access most of the left hand side of the controller. So they have a stick click to enable you to reach the left hand side stick click and on the back we have paddles to enable you to reach the L1 and L2 buttons. So with the PlayStation 4 Lefty and Rightly controllers they also have the option of having a thumb stick extension just like last time and here’s one here. So you can just use this mounted by your chin or your foot or your upper limb whichever is the easiest for you to access. And this just replicates the stick itself which is now firmly held in place so that this is the only one that will work. And this is just the right sided version of that. So you’ve got the stick click and you’ve just got your thumb stick extension here which will just work as your elastic which is now held firmly in place. Evil Controllers have also made an Evil Lefty controller for Xbox One which has and thumb stick click for the right hand side and paddles to emulate the right bumper and right trigger. These paddles are a little bit larger than the previous model and they’re just a little bit easier to press and more ergonomic. Evil Controllers have also updated their Xbox One Evil Righty so again the thumbstick clicks have been migrated over to this embedded button and you have the paddles on the back which is slightly larger now and a little bit
more ergonomic and comfortable and those have been remapped for the left trigger and bumper.
Evil Controllers also do an Evil Righty version with an additional thumb stick extension option. Like the previous iteration this one enables you to mount it by your chin or your foot whatever you feel is most comfortable and it also means that the stick itself is actually firmly held in place so you can’t move it around. The thumbstick extension option is also available for the Xbox One Lefty version as well. With all of these controllers (the Evil Lefty or Righty versions) the paddles can be remapped within the console settings. Thank you for watching and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our website if you have any questions or if you want to find out a bit more about what we do or how we can help you.

At SpecialEffect we are often asked what are the options for controllers for people who would like to play with a single hand.

Evil Controllers are a company that modify standard controllers for single-handed use. In this video Nomi, one of our Occaptional Therapists, takes another look at the Evil “Lefty” and “Righty” Controllers since a recent update to their design.

Evil Controllers update their designs regularly so please check their website for details on the latest controller (unaffiliated links):

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Video by Cara Jessop