Lightseekers | Controls

Lightseekers is a colourful trading card game. Its simple layout and gameplay could make it suitable for mouse users, including potentially accurate eye gaze users. 

What is Lightseekers?

Lightseekers in a trading card game following a similar vain to Pokemon cards, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. While the game itself is a real world card game played with physical cards. Those cards have codes which can be scanned into the online version of the game. This makes for a great transition between physical and digital play!

The online version of the game is easy to learn and free to download, however, you can buy cards in the games store if you desire. 

The game could lend itself to mouse inputs such as those used by eye gaze users by having large well by having large clear targets, minimal time requirements, and almost every action requiring a click input, rather than a drag mechanism. In the video you can see us playing with an eye gaze setup using the dwell click function alongside mouse cursor control.

You can select your cards by dwell clicking on the one you want, which enlarges the card for you to read. Following that you can play it by again dwell clicking on the play card button. Lightseekers has no targeting mechanics or anything particularly fiddly, it is simple play your card and go game play. 

Overall it is a brilliantly simple, fun, and deeply strategic game that is easy to get in too and offers great accessibility by default. 

Important Notes

Whilst Lightseekers’ gameplay can be suitable for eye gaze users able to use mouse control, the scroll window in the deck construction screen, will require very accurate control to use, which isn’t found elsewhere in the game. 

Lightseekers is online only 

The game does include optional purchases and adverts


Thank you and happy gaming!


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