Asphalt 9 Legends | Controls

Asphalt 9 Legends [PEGI 7] is a high octane free to play racing game with customisable cars, stunning tracks and accessibility galore! Playable with 1 – 3 buttons and on keyboard or a compatible controller on PC. 

How does it work?

Asphalt 9 Legends is a free to download racing game from the Windows Store. It can be played as either a traditional racing game with full car control, or as simple as 1 button. The game is also available for Android and iOs with touchscreen controls, but here we will be looking at the Windows version. 

This dichotomy of play styles is achieved via toggling on or off the “Touchdrive” system. Touchdrive enables auto turning and acceleration, however, you maintain the ability to drift, spin, boost and decide which route to take. The video above shows throughout the race several blue direction markers appear at the top of the screen. By cycling through these options using using the A or D keys or the left stick/D-pad of a controller. You can decide whether you want to go for more nitrous, cut the corner, or do an awesome 360 flip off a ramp! This level of simple yet effective choice makes the game absurdly fun to play and leaves you feeling in control even without steering. 

It is important to note that while the game menus are very good about selecting the right choice for you, inevitably at some point you will have to navigate using either a mouse, or directional input from a controller. Luckily adverts can be skipped with ease by pressing B on your controller or Esc on a keyboard. 

3/4 Button Mode

3 button mode is defined as having access to: 

  • Directional toggle button: A, D, left, or right. Joystick or D-pad on controller (for making those important race decisions). It is important to note that you need a minimum of 2 directional inputs to play.
  • Drift button: S key (or X on a controller), simply press to begin drifting, note that you do not need to hold it unless you want to. You can also double tap the key to perform 360 spins.
  • Boost button: Spacebar (or A on a controller), fairly straightforward, press if you want to go faster! However, as shown in the video, double tapping or pressing boost at the right time can also perform hyper boosts for added speed!

3/4 button mode offers the most control and allows for a wider range of diversity during game-play. However, you can still race hard and win even without these buttons!


2 Button Play

Similar to three button mode, however, without using one of the inputs. While the choices you make during the race are important, by following the default path and/or using only drift and boost you can win quite comfortably and have a lot of fun doing it! 


This is a great way to play for anyone who has difficulty with reaction time or quick button presses, as the boost and drift functions can be done at your own leisure. 

The alternative 2 button mode is to choose your direction at the cost of drift and boost, however this method of play may prove difficult to keep up with opponents in later stages of the game. 

The difference between the two styles is purely down to personal preference, however, we would recommend prioritising boost or directional inputs over drift.

Please Remember

Regardless of the button mode you choose, you will still need someway of navigating the menu options and closing the adverts that occasionally pop up on screen. 

Thank you and happy racing!

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