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Pyro Jump [PEGI 3] is a 1 button platformer available from Big Fish Left mouse click, or A on your controller activates your jump. Which you use to bounce your way through the colourfully designed levels in order to save the princess! 

Pyro Jump is a wonderfully colourful game, but hours of fun! Rather than you moving your character, your character sticks to the world and the levels revolve around you. All that you need to do is jump at the appropriate time. Sounds simple right? But with clever level design and dastardly surprises in store, the game performs mightily in the platformer genre. 

The game is well suited for users who are looking for a polished, yet moderately challenging gaming experience. The challenge in the gameplay is pressing your button at the right time. This requires quick reactions and in any given level there will usually be one area of reasonably rapid button presses required.

Due to the nature of the game, it is heavily reliant on timing. Therefore this game might not be suitable for those unable to press their button or switch quickly in reaction to the gameplay.

The game is compatible with the Microsoft Adaptive Controller to a certain extent. You can use A to jump. However, the menus can’t be accessed via controller, and may therefore require some assistance setting up levels. 

The joystick works for World Select, however, not Level Select which is rather peculiar. You can select the world you want, however, you will only be able to start on Level 1 over and over. 

However, one bigger issue with using a controller to play is that once you do complete a level, due to the lack of joystick control, it is impossible to select any of the menu icons. 

Controller support is available for Pyro Jump, however, to play the game effectively requires mouse emulation or a second person to navigate the menus. However, once in the game it really is just 1 button to win! 

Due to the nature of the game, it is heavily reliant on timing. Therefore this game might not be suitable for those with slower response times. 

Pyro Jump would serve as a good 1 button access game for anyone who enjoys the platforming genre, and has sufficient response time to activate the jump button when desired. 

Thank you and happy jumping!

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