Pretorian Optima Joystick for The Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC)

Photo showing Optima joystick mounted above an Xbox Adaptive Controller with a Manfrotto variable Friction Arm.

The Optima joystick by Pretorian is a joystick we have used at SpecialEffect for controlling the mouse cursor on PC. The latest model has now been updated so that it will work for gaming via the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a hub for connecting compatible joysticks and buttons, to creat a customised controller. You can use the updated Optima joystick for either the left joystick controls by plugging it into the left USB port, or the right joystick by plugging it into the right port. Two could be used together also.

We fix these joysticks in position by placing hook Velcro on the base of the joystick or using the threads with a compatible mounting plate with a mounting arm. Most often this will be the Manfrotto Variable Friction Mounting Arm for us.

The updated design can still be used as a mouse. To switch between Xbox and Mouse modes you hold the two top buttons (left and right click) for 12 seconds.

The joystick top can be swapped out for other compatible tops, such as the foam ball or T-Bar which come with it.

For more information on compatible joysticks and buttons for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, click on the “XAC” tag on the SpecialEffect GameAccess Blog or search in the search bar.

If you have any questions, please visit the “contact us” page.

Equipment Shown

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Optima Joystick:

Xbox Adaptive Controller:

Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm:

Manfrotto Super Clamp:

Mounting Plate:

Buddy Button:

Trabasack Curve Connect:

Small Maxess Tray: