Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit

Photo showing one of each size of switches on the supplied Rigid hook and loop Game Board. The switches have stickers denoting which input they are performing (A, B, X and RT).
The Adaptive Gaming Kit includes a range of switches and mounting options

Logitech announced their Adaptive Gaming Kit today. They describe the kit as “a collection of high performance, durable buttons and triggers for the Xbox Adaptive Controller to unlock the possibilities of play. Logitech G worked with different accessibility organizations to develop a comprehensive set of controls for ultimate configurability and flexibility.”

The kit includes:

  • Small Buttons x3
  • Large Buttons x3
  • Variable Triggers x2
  • Light Touch Buttons x 4
  • Rigid hook and loop Game Board
  • Flexible hook and loop Game Board
  • Label Sheets x 2
  • Hook and loop attachment stickers
  • Hook and loop ties
  • User documentation

Switches are a vital part of the bank of equipment we use at SpecialEffect, which our occupational therapists and technical specialists carefully position and combine with other inputs such as joysticks, gamepads or voice controls to create customised gaming set ups during assessments for our Loan Library Project.

Full information can be found on the Logitech website (unafilliated link): https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gamepads/adaptive-gaming-kit-accessories.html