Reduced/Simple Input Games | Controls Walkthrough Video

This video is a summary of some recent games we have played that have reduced input requirements compared to many others. Ranging from 1 joystick and 2 buttons, to point and click, across several genres. 

Racing Games

If you have a need for speed then you have come to the right place. There are several racing games currently on the market that require only a few buttons to be played:

Forza 7 (Xbox, PC): 

In Forza 7 you can race your favourite super cars around legendary tracks. 

With 1 button for accelerate, 1 button for brake, and 1 joystick you can put the pedal to the metal for your chance at the podium. Forza 7 offers several different controller configurations that swap the needed buttons from the triggers to the face buttons should you prefer. 

Forza 7 also offers several accessibility features such as: the guiding racing line, driver AI difficulty options, auto brake, and auto steer. 

If you would like to reduce the controls further enabling both auto brake and auto steer allows the game to be played with a single button. 

Sonic Team Racing (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch): 

If you are a fan of the Mario Kart series, but would like a change or perhaps do not own a Nintendo Switch, then Sonic Team Racing has you covered. With a host of colourful characters, karts, and tracks to choose from . It’s up to you and your team to beat Dr Robotnik and save the world!

The game can be played using a single button for accelerate and a joystick to steer, with additional options such as brake, power ups, and items available to those who can access additional buttons. 

If played on the Xbox or PC, the copilot feature can be enabled to allow a second player to control some of the additional functions that the first player may find difficult to access. 

Asphalt 9 Legends (PC): 

Asphalt 9 Legends sports a one touch drive control scheme. With this mode enabled the game presents you with a series of choices you may make during the race and you select which route you would like to take. This replaces the traditional steering of racing games. 

Thanks to this control method, the game can be played with only a few buttons, 2 buttons to select your desired route, one button for boost, and 1 for drift. 

The game can be played with just the route select buttons, it also offers controller support and since it is available on PC the additional buttons could be co-piloted to another player. 

Rocket League (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch):

While technically not a racing game, Rocket League allows you to drive rocket boosted cars around a stadium to play car football. 

The game can be played with a single button for accelerate and a joystick, with additional controls such as jump, and boost available to those who can access them. The PC and Xbox iterations of the games can be co-piloted to another player if required. 


Platformers are games that usually involve controlling a character that has to hop, skip, and jump their way across obstacles to solve puzzles. One of the most famous in the genre being Mario. 

Many platformers have simple controls schemes, but fast paced or otherwise difficult game play. Some games in the genre have added additional accessibility features for those who need it. 

Celeste (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch): 

Celeste is a colourful platforming game that has you ascending a snowy mountain against all odds. In your travels you will need 3 buttons and a joystick, 1 button for jump, 1 for dash, and 1 for grab. 

In its unassisted state Celeste offers a potential challenge for any would be mountain climber. However, should it be required Celeste has an assist mode with several additional features, these include: Infinite dashes, infinite stamina, invulnerability, and the option to slow down the pace of the game to a speed that is manageable to the player. 

Celeste can be played via the Co-pilot method on the Xbox and PC iterations. 

Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox, PC, Switch): 

Super Lucky’s Tale offers a child friendly and colourful adventure puzzle game where you play as Lucky, alongside his sister to rescue the Book of Ages. The game can be played with 1 joystick and 3 buttons, jump, tail swipe, and burrow. 

While it has no additional optional accessibility features, its simplicity and child friendly design makes it an enjoyable experience for even the newest of gamers. 

Both the Xbox and PC iterations of the game support co-pilot mode should it be helpful. 

Ninja Pizza Girl (PC): 

Ninja Pizza girl is a platforming game based around the idea of parkour free-running through a city. In order to deliver your pizza on time you must run, jump, and slide your way through the alleyways and rooftops before time runs out!

The game can be played with 1 joystick and 2 buttons, 1 for jump, and 1 for slide. 

Ninja Pizza Girl was designed with accessibility in mind, as such you can adjust the gameplay speed to suit your needs and increase the amount of time you have to complete each level.

Ninja Pizza girl has full controller support, which means that the game can be co-piloted. 

Important Note: Ninja PIzza girls storyline contains themes that address the issue of bullying.

Bubbles the Cat (PC, Android, IOS): 

Bubbles the Cat is a 1 button platformer game where you attempt to jump and bubble bounce your way to the end of each level whilst collecting fishy cookies. 

Bubbles the Cat has a plethora of accessibility features, even down to its core gameplay mechanics. Unlike traditional platformer games, Bubbles the Cat will auto run and auto turn upon hitting a wall. This eliminates the need for a joystick. Furthermore thanks to the accessibility options, you can be invincible, gabe infinite bubbles, or simply skip levels that are too tricky. 

Bubbles the cat also differentiates itself from traditional platformers by having zero enemies in it. It is simply you vs the puzzle. 

Bubbles the Cat does require a mouse or joystick to navigate the menus, however, because the game has full controller support this action can be co-piloted if needed. 

Pyro Jump (PC): 

Pyro Jump is another one button platformer game, however, rather than having the character move, it is the levels themselves that move. 1 button controls the jump action and it is down to your timing on when to jump that will see you through the levels. 

Pyro jump will require a mouse to navigate through the menu’s and it does not offer co-pilot support. 

Strategy/Puzzle Games 

Lightseekers (PC, Android, IOS): 

Lightseekers is a child friendly card game with fairly simple rules. Lightseekers can be played using only a mouse and left click, you can build decks and battle offline against the computer or online against your friends. 

The game revolves around rotating cards each turn, with each subsequent rotation triggering various effects. The aim of the game is to lower your opponents health to zero through either a few large attacks, or lots of small damage. 

Magic the Gathering Arena (PC): 

Magic the Gathering Arena, often called Magic Arena for short, is the online equivalent to the paper card game Magic the Gathering. Magic Arena offers complex and in depth gameplay, with hundreds of cards to choose from and various game modes.

Magic Arena is online only and requires a mouse and left click to play. 

In Magic Arena you play as a Planeswalker, a magical being with the ability to summon monsters and spells from other realities to do battle with other Planeswalkers. With almost limitless card combinations possible, you can decide how you want to wield your spells. 

Neoverse (PC): 

Neoverse is an interesting take on the card game genre. Set in a futuristic Sci Fi universe, you play as a selection of heroes who take part in a survival style gauntlet of turn based fights.

Each turn you will get the choice to play a selection of cards from your deck, your opponent will do their action, repeat until you either win or lose. The challenge comes in the fact that as you beat opponents your health does not restore, instead you must duel your way through waves of enemies hoping to survive long enough to get to the next rest station. There you can recover health and upgrade your deck. 

The game can be played with a mouse and left click. 

Triple Trouble Dino Edition (PC, Xbox): 

Triple Trouble Dino Edition is a time based puzzle game where you must match the colour of your dinosaur to the background colour before time runs out. Be careful though, one false move and your run is over, try to get the high score by being right consecutively as the time for completion reduces. 

The game can be played with a single joystick and 1 button. 

Triple Trouble Dino Edition offers various difficulty modes and multiplayer options, with full controller support the game can also be played via co-pilot. 

Super Bomberman (PS4, Switch, box, PC): 

Super Bomberman is an action puzzle game where you play as one of the bomber siblings. Using your bombs to defeat enemies and solve puzzles in predetermined levels the game plays very similarly to Bomberman titles of old. 

Bomberman can be played with a single joystick and a button for placing bombs, however, a second button may be needed to navigate menus. 

Bomberman also supports local co-op gameplay so you can team up with a friend and tackle the puzzles together!

Both the PC and Xbox variants support co-pilot play. 

Girls Like Robots (PC): 

Last but not least is the puzzle game Girls Like Robots. This puzzle game can be controlled with a mouse and left click, and has you trying to solve the impossible puzzle of trying to make everyone happy with the seating arrangements. 

As the title would suggest, the girls like to be seated next to the robots, however, do not like sitting next to the nerds, the robots do not like sitting next to other robots and so on. it is up to you to organise the chaos into the most efficient seating arrangement possible. 

as you progress through the game more and more puzzle pieces will unlock making the challenge even more difficult. 

The game offers the ability to undo as many moves as you wish and has no time limit to complete the puzzle, this might be beneficial to players for whom time may be a concern. 

Thank you and happy gaming!

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