Mouse control on Apple iPhones and iPads

AbleNet Sidekick. Image of a yellow track-ball controller connected via a USB cable to an adapter, in turn connected to an iPad.
AMAneo BTi. Photo of an iPad connected via blue-tooth to an AMAneo BTi square box, and head-controlled mouse.

For a long time Apple iPads and iPhones have been very difficult (often impossible) to link any sort of pointer device to that isn’t a finger.

Two very promising solutions have been announced due for release this year (2019). The AbleNet Sidekick and the CSS AMAneo BTi .

Both allow for wired mice type devices to connect. That could be track-balls, some head-trackers, foot mice and so on. The AMAneo has tremor filtering if needed, for people who wobble a bit.

Initial news via: Ian Bean Twitter feed. Update below via Dad in a Shed.

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AMAneo BTi mouse adapter for iPad.